When it comes to successful web design, then two things are considered as the most important User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). A website is meant to appeal the user, otherwise, they will not think twice before leaving your page. Poor performance or appeal of a website will prompt the user to switch to some other site. Online Marketing companies claim that it is UI and UX designs which decides the future of your business. It will either bring you a doom or take your business to new heights; it all depends on how satisfied the user is. Before we talk about UI and UX mistakes, you need to understand what they actually are. 

User Interface: It decides how the user engages with your website and how he is able to move from one page to another. 

User Experience: These are the features of the website that are capable of attracting and retaining customers by giving them an amazing experience. 

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There are certain design flaws which can adversely affect your website performance and can increase the bounce rate. 

Complicated Design: There is a fine line between a simple and effective user interface and a UI that is too boring and ineffective. A UI designer should always work on the principle that says “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable”. If the user is not able to understand how to use your website or how to navigate to a different page, then the whole purpose of creating the website go in vain. 

Not Enough Call-To-Action: Call-to-Action is a vital part of your website. Button or links like “click here”, “call now”, or “Buy Now” can prove to be really effective. The designer should make sure that CTAs are easily noticeable and they are working. Online Marketing Companies claim that CTAs are the most important factor in increasing online sale. 

No Social Presence: To improve your SEO ranking you need to boost your social media presence. Customer’s feedbacks, social media links, and testimonial will not only pick up your ranking but will also lead to a better conversion rate. You can opt for our Social media optimization service to promote your brand or service and gain global awareness.   

Messed Up Layout: You may like to be creative and thus want to create a cluttered website, but the user may not like it, “always design a website with a user’s perspective” this is the main principle for creating a website. When the site is filled with so many features and elements, the user feels confused and even they might miss the important things like CTA, discounts, payment mode and other things. A website needs to be tidy. Its layout should not only look impressive but also has a good impact on the user. 

Unresponsive Design: A site is considered good if it can work perfectly on all kind of devices equally well. Responsive design of the website makes it accessible on all screen sizes. Remember, more than 3 billion people use a mobile phone to use the internet. A mobile responsive website can increase your traffic up-to 50%. Companies that offer search engine optimization services also consider it an essential factor for improving Google ranking. 

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