With so much marketing technology around us, businesses are already reaching out to people who’ve already come in contact with their brand. Either they visited your site, saw an advertisement campaign by you, or have clicked on a PPC ad, brands have marketers are enabled to target them and market them again. If you are still looking to advertise, market, take your business online or need incredible ROI, join the best digital agency Australia to uplift your business.   

What is Remarketing? 

Remarketing is all about re-engaging your potential customers through email campaigns. From shopping cart abandonment email campaigns to upselling marketing emails remarketing brings your sales funnel. It is a popular method used by the marketers to target their ad campaigns to people who have visited their website before. This is why it is referred to as ‘re-marketing.’ Ionly targets people who have already shown interest in your business to generate more traffic to your site. Hiring an Instagram ad agency  can help your business to remarket more valuably. 

Advantages of Remarketing 

  • Retargeting for email campaigns have Higher conversion rates as 41% compared to the average eCommerce conversion rate of 1-2%. 
  • Recycling and repackaging your content marketing material will save your marketing on your product costs across the board. 
  • Remarketing emails generate nearly doubled revenue compared to non-targeted campaigns 

What is Retargeting? 

Retargeting is all about targeting people who have shown interest in your product or service but have not completed a transaction. Whether the interactions have done through visitors taking place on your site though clicking on the navigation or watching a video, it can be tracked by a snippet of code in browser called cookies. When the visitors leave your website, the browser cookie follows them to other search engines to monitor their other actions. And this is how it gathers the visitor’s data. Therefore, you have “retargeted” them in your advertising based on their previous interactions with your website. Businesses can either choose to enable cookies for all visitors or particular users that take a specific action. This helps to retain users that are interested in your brand and through retargeting, it serves to increase conversions and sales.  

Advantages of Remarketing 

  • It enhances your ability to advertise across the internet to reach website visitors with the most engaged parts.  
  • It offers you an additional discount to select more compelling ad copy, or changing your approach to make the sale. 
  • It stays at the top of customer’s mind to make your leads.  

The Conclusion of Remarketing and Retargeting  

Both are powerful branding and conversion optimization tools that works as the great part of a successful digital marketing strategy but they can’t drive people to your site. Overall, we have cleared that there is a big difference in both, the most essential thing to focus that whenever retargeting and remarketing is their shared, the motto has always been to re-engage with the potential audience that are interested in your brand. This not only increases your conversion rate but also enables you to target the users that mostly purchase from your brand