Content marketing is more popular and effectively done in Australia than anywhere else. Marketers here spend more on content marketing and use various content marketing strategies.

Prosperity Media has shared some interesting facts related to blogging and content marketing:

  • For 55% of marketers blog content creation is top inbound marketing priority.
  • Content marketing results in 3X more leads than paid search advertising.

As per Genrore, here are the most used social media sties by 13+ year old users

  • Facebook – 90.31%
  • YouTube – 87%
  • Instagram – 47.81%
  • LinkedIn – 34.53%
  • Twitter – 30.81%

In July 2021 the daily average time on site for the leading sites are as under.

  • YouTube: 19+ minutes per day
  • Facebook: 18+ minutes per day
  • Instagram: 8+ minutes per day
  • LinkedIn: 11+ minutes per day

Taking these numbers into consideration helps in creating an effective content marketing strategy and also decide on the best channels to promote through content marketing services.

Online Presence helps small businesses create the right content mix for productive digital content marketing.

Create Blogs and Publish Them on the Website

Content marketing starts here. An authoritative published on your website serves many purposes.

  • Boosts Ranking: A blog published on the website is interlinked with other relevant pages that improves SEO and ranking.
  • Establishes Authority: When a visitor makes a query on search engines, and comes across an authoritative blog in the result page, he spends time reading it, and may share it with others. Only an authoritative long-form blog can engage such visitors on and increase the possibility of further actions e.g., enquire about the product and service or call on the toll-free number
  • Improved Branding: When blogs are shared on social media, the audience reacts and post comments. The conversations contribute to better branding as the audience perceives your brand as a thought-leader in the industry.

Content Marketing

Share Images and Infographics on social media

Sharing an image on social media gets more engagement than a post with text alone.

  • B2C marketers can use featured product image content on social media to garner more interests in their products.
  • Most e-commerce sites post image teasers of soon-to-be launched products to create interest in the audience.
  • B2B marketers get more success by using infographics instead. Visual pointers can be focused easily and save time.

Video marketing on YouTube

It’s the most engaging form of content on social media. YouTube is the second-largest search engine of the world dedicated to sharing videos only. Video shared on Facebook, and other platforms are shorter, catchy and sharable as compared to YouTube. Video content marketing builds trust, brings more conversions and sales. Create videos with purpose and share.

  • Demonstration of products
  • Product usage training
  • Sharing customer reviews
  • Feature specific short videos
  • Live-streaming
  • Behind the scene sharing
  • Showcasing service etc.

Provide E-Books and Resources in PDF format

‘Gated Content’ is a term used for these content types. Once a visitor completes the registration form or contact-form, he can download the gated e-book or other resource. The details provided by visitors are used to interact further. B2B marketers can generate more leads with gating

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Product specifications etc.

Send Emailers and Publish Podcasts

Every leading brand big or small offers email subscription. Emailer content updates the subscribers about the new products launches, feature updates, and customized offers etc.

Podcasts is another popular way of sharing audio content. You can release them regularly on a particular day of week every week. It’s like having your own ‘audio-channel’ in digital avatar. Create a podcast about the newly launched product, or create an audio tutorial that your audience can listen while using the product!

Online Presence Content Marketing Service – Liberty to Create Your Own Content Mix

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