Over the past few years, buying habits of customers have undergone a sea change. They prefer online stores to make purchases over visiting a physical one. Consequently, the online sales of retail goods such as groceries, electronics, and clothing zoomed past the traditional sales. The Australian e-commerce market has been constantly growing every year, and Covid-19 accelerated it even more.

Creating an online store presence is just the first step in online business success. However, to attract a new customer base and boost business sales, you should opt for Ecommerce SEO services. Besides increasing online revenue, it also boosts business from drive-in customers.

Several online stores are now operational in Australia. The environment has become competitive, and implementing robust SEO strategies on the website is a must to stay on top of search engine rankings. These practical e-commerce SEO strategies are proven way to lead to more conversion and boost revenue.

Enhanced Brand Visibility with Optimisation for Targeted Keywords

Although SEO is getting advanced with each passing year, keywords are still its very soul. Keywords are the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, and without focusing on keywords, you can’t bring more prospects to your site. For instance, when people search for the products with keywords or phrases related to your products, the search engine shows your products because of keyword relevancy.

Keywords drive a potential audience. As, the best SEO company we research relevant and high search volume keywords and apply them in different sections of your ecommerce website – page titles, URLs, alt tags, headings etc.

Long-tail keywords: As per recent research, 29.13% of high-volume keywords are structured with three or more words. Adding long-tail keywords or phrases in new content expand the search audience.

Localization of keywords: Accurate keyword localization is the best way to get better search engine results because these are the words your prospective consumer is searching for.

Improved Customer Experience

Nearly 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of web results. Major search engines do not often look at a site’s keyword choices and keyword density alone. Although, they help rank your ecommerce site on SEO metrics.

E-commerce SEO services optimises your site as per search engine needs and improves sales and conversions. Here are the aspects it improves for enhanced customer experience:

Site load time: Improving page and site loading speed reduces the bounce rate and ensures that your customer stay for long on the website.

Engaging Content: It is a vehicle for keywords to reach the audience. Content is a great way to convert prospects into leads by providing them with valuable information about products.

Mobile optimized pages: As per this report, 51% of users come across a site while searching online on their smartphone. So, optimizing sites for mobile users is beneficial to gain targeted customers.

Focus on Customer Demand

Customer’s demand for products often changes with time. Ecommerce SEO services focus on high monthly search volume keywords that may have already peaked in popularity. The ‘Google Trends’ tool helps to identify priorities by uncovering hidden terms that SEO tools often don’t track.

Once we identify what the going trend is, we use it to refine the SEO strategy further. For instance, if the trend shows “Woolen clothes”, we use it and write content around it to ensure that the audience finds it valuable. Also, working on trends help a website to remain ahead of competitors, improves the conversions and increases revenue.

Boost Results Using On-Page Strategy

These strategies are of important for boosting lead conversions and sales. In addition, on-page SEO plays a huge role in making websites user-friendly, enhancing web rankings, page indexing and much more.

Choose only the best SEO company for your ecommerce site. They can assist in creating insightful search friendly content for your website that drives more quality traffic. Here is how it works.

  • Use of targeted keywords in headings with relevant description.
  • Optimisation of page load speed for a better user experience.
  • Creation of high-quality content.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Writing engaging meta descriptions to improve search visibility.
  • Use of alt tag for image description.
  • Keep easy-to-read URLs.
  • Use of internal linking for easy navigation.
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