There are more than 2 million small businesses operating in different regions of Australia. However, most small business owners know about digital marketing services but are not aware of using them. For instance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective marketing approach that increases your website search engine ranking and brings more and more targeted traffic.

The world is becoming competitive every day, and if your small business misses the chance, you’ll fall behind competitors, which none of the businesses may not want to. So, invest in SEO service of a reliable SEO company in Gold Coast, Australia, boost your marketing plan and remain ahead.

Small business SEO involves many elements, but it primarily includes:

  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Local SEO Targets Regional Audience

The local SEO strategies for your small businesses are crucial to expanding services on a regional level. The standard SEO emphasizes more on overall search engine ranking across the country, whereas the local SEO strategies focus on appearing on search engine result pages in a specific location. The local SEO agency Australia brings sustainable results by marketing your brand, products and services to local mobile and desktop user.

Here are the key local SEO strategies:

Optimize for Voice Search: Voice search is one of the great innovations that help users reduce their web search time. 57% of Aussies use voice search to get instant information from the web. In voice search, your audience ask questions using long-tail keywords and question starters like who, how, why etc. So, by using local SEO services, you can optimize your content to fit the more conversational tone of someone speaking.

Improve visibility with GMB Account: Listing your small business in the Google my business (GMB) can significantly gain visibility in local search results. It helps your prospective audience find you on Google Maps once you provide all the essential information in the Google My Business account dashboard.

Focus on local keywords: Targeting location-specific keywords on your website’s content are a great idea to draw the attention of native consumers. We filter keywords based on your specific region by taking the help of Google’s free tool like Keyword Planner to create a list of high search-relevant keywords to target.

Benefits of Choosing Local SEO Company in Gold Coast, Australia

  • Helps improve your business ranking in SERPs.
  • Targets local audience and brings them to your business profile, and convert them into customers.
  • Displays your products first in SERPs when people search for keywords related to your service.
  • The local SEO marketing efforts proved a worthwhile investment towards building your brand.
  • Develop trust in your community that help thrive your small business.

On-Page SEO Can Bring Countless New Customers

When we speak about on-page SEO, it constitutes both the front-end and back-end components of your website, so it ranks well and brings quality traffic.

On-page SEO for small businesses is the optimization of the HTML source code of web pages with content. Its prime objective is to help web crawlers to understand the meaning and context of your web pages.

On-page SEO is tricky so it would be best to work with the best SEO agency in Australia to keep up with the latest practices.

Suitable Page Title: Web page titles help search engines find your page information. Each web page must have a unique title tag and carry the keyword you want to rank. The title tag is important, and it displays as a blue line of text in SERP, which the audience click to navigate to your web page. Here are the best-practices that we follow.

  • Create compelling page titles.
  • Avoid using long sentences – search engines only display 60 words.
  • Use relevant and powerful keywords related to the niche.

Meta description: It summarises that web page that the user will see just below the title tag. However, it doesn’t impact ranking, but help improve CTR and navigation.

Headings or Headers: An attractive and engaging header is important to seek customers’ attention. Formatting content with helpful headers or body tags <h1>,<h2>,<h3> and so on are particularly useful in long content.

Compelling Content: It is crucial to produce easy-to-understand and user-friendly content since it is one of the key elements for ranking.

Off-Page SEO Increases Ranking of Website

Off-page SEO increases the webpage’s ability to rank. The motive behind off-page SEO activities is to indicate to search engines that your website provides value to web users. Here are the key off-page SEO strategies:

Quality Link Building: It is one of the popular techniques o to show your brand authority. Link building with authoritative, relevant sites improves ranking chances.

Social Media Sharing: Although social media is not part of SEO strategy, it helps win your audience’s trust. Sharing web information and content on social media can help engage your customers and make them visit your website.

Guest Blogging: Posting guest blogs on high domain authority sites improves web ranking and drives massive organic traffic directly to your website. Guest blogs often help advertise your business products and services to a wide audience.

How Online Presence Can Help?

As a leading digital marketing and SEO company in Gold Coast, Australia, Online Presence helps SMBs flourish in their respective locations by handling their SEO campaigns.

We have a skilled and trained SEO team that does the hard work to put your business on top of search results. They use a customised marketing plan that eventually helps you generate effective sales and leads.

Besides SEO, we offer other digital marketing solutions, including Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC advertising, and much more, to help stand out your small business in a competitive market.

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