E-commerce is growing at a fast pace in Australia. From the USD 46.7billion, it is expected to reach USD 70billion in 2025.

It makes sense to grow an e-commerce business!

How to go about it?

Online Presence follows a simple approach that includes choosing the best platform to handle the products and the transactions. It’s followed by online promotion of the ecommerce brand so that products appear prominently when a visitor searches for similar products.


Magento – A popular e-commerce platform for SMBs and Enterprises

It’s an open-source platform that is supporting 250,000 stores across the globe – almost 12% of the online stores.

Latest version 2.4.3 is loaded with features that enhance the capabilities of Magento 1.

This version focuses heavily on improving the customer experience. It is packed with features that help an ecommerce business to deliver engaging customer experience.

Magento 2 loads quickly, is easy to use, offers better security features, and is highly customise. There are several reasons why Magento is de-facto choice for your e-commerce play.


1# Offers Enhanced Shopping Experience to Customers

Magento 2 is created to give better experience while shopping online. It offers up-selling and cross-selling suggestions, stock-availability indicator, free-gifts and coupons to help customers.

It is easy to add promotions at the checkout pages that boosts the sales potential and reduces the cart abandon rate.

Moreover, this platform also allows you to add videos to showcase the products and grab the customer attention for eventual purchase.

Online Presence is Australia’s leading web development agency for Magento 2 ecommerce store.


2# Created to Perform Well on Various Devices

As compared to its predecessor, Magento-2 offers enhanced performance. Any product query from the customer is answered instantly due to better indexing – speedy display of products keeps the customer engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

Fast page load speed is a distinctive feature of Magento 2. The Varnish Cache integration fully caches the online store that results in lightning-fast page load speed.

Keep in mind, if the website page takes more than 3-second to load, the bounce rate increases by more than 50 per cent. With fast loading pages, the visitors coming to the website will get quick response to the products they are searching for – they can spend more time viewing it from various angles and decide on it accordingly.

Online Presence is a web design company that can make your dream of setting up an online store come true with Magento


3# Powerful Enough to Handle Large Number of Orders Simultaneously

A big concern while choosing an e-commerce platform is whether it will be able to handle a vast range of products that could be in several thousands. Also, when hundreds of active customers on the online store place orders, will the transactions happen smoothly.

Magento 2 addresses these concerns well. It can handle all your products, even if they are in millions. Moreover, the platform can process large number of orders without fail. Scalability is a differentiating virtue that along with quick check-out time enhances the overall experience.


4# Mobile Friendly Online Store for More Conversions

There are 32.5 million mobile phone subscribers in Australia as on 2021 (Source – Statista).

It’s a huge m-commerce market over there.

Magento 2 is mobile friendly and helps to tap this large market. Many Australians prefer to buy products on their mobile phone, and your online store will be able to cater all such customers.

This platform is touch screen friendly – an added advantage that makes the online e-commerce Magento store a breeze.


5# Easy Integration with Amazon, eBay et al.

Have presence on other online marketplaces? Magento 2 helps to integrate them easily. Your online store reaches a wide audience.

It’s easy to list the products across the various online marketplaces.

Online Presence helps you to benefit from this advanced ecommerce platform. Give your customer an experience that brings them back to purchase from your store again.


Online Presence – Australia’s leading Magento web development company

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No matter what the scale of your business, we’ll deliver the online store to grow it digitally.

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