More Australians prefer Facebook than any other platform. As per Statista, the user base is expected to reach 11.56 Mn. Moreover, it’ popular amongst any gender belonging to various age group.

Every Australian business that wants to make reach a specific audience should consider advertising on this platform. Online Presence is Australia’s premier Facebook ads agency, we run campaigns that meet your business goals. Here is how several B2C brands are making the most of them.

What Outcome Is the Ad Expected to Deliver – Choose an Ad Objective

It is the result that you want to see. Here are the objectives that can be selected to plan a successful ad campaign.


Ad with this objective enhances brand awareness and also the reach.

  • Brand Awareness: Show the ads to increase the brand awareness amongst a desired target audience.
  • Reach: With this objective, the ad is shown to maximum number of people within budget. However, by choosing the audience near the business location, the local audience can be made aware about the brand, product etc.


A consideration objective increases the ‘consideration’ for the products.

  • Traffic: Grows the number of people visiting the site, messenger or increases the app installs.
  • Lead Generation: Helps to increase the sign-up or increase the number of leads for the business.
  • Messages: Motivates the audience to open Messenger interactions. It also boosts you to interact with them, get the conversation flowing.
  • Engagement: Want more people to comment on the posts, share them with others, and increase likes? Picking this Ad objectives helps in it.
  • Video Views: Have a product demo video that you want to show to a specific audience? Select this Ad objective helps.
  • App Installs: Australians prefer to use mobile apps. If you created an app, this Ad objective can help to get more app installs.


Ads with this objective help to boost conversions

  • Conversions: The ads with this objective get more actions from the audience and result in more purchases, leads, and other types of actions.
  • Store Visits: Have a retail outlet? Ad campaign with this objective can help to drive more footfalls in the retail store and bridge the gap between online and offline formats.
  • Catalogue Sales: With Facebook Dynamic Ad campaign, it’s possible to show the most relevant product to the chosen audience.

With our social media marketing service, we ensure that you get the best ROI from your ads.

Who Will See This Ad – Decide on the Audience

Although, Facebook shows the ad to most relevant profiles. However, based on the nature of the product or service, the ads can be shown to a specific audience. It’s helps to identify the right market for the products.

  • Core Audiences: Define the audience based on certain criteria e.g., location, demographics, interests, behaviour and connections.
  • Custom Audiences: Want to target those have already engaged with business in the past, online or offline? Choose custom audiences – these can be site visitors, people in contact list or app users.
  • Look Alike Audiences: Selecting these audiences helps to target those customers similar to those who are your best customers. It’s a fast and effective way to connect with those who are most likely to respond to your ad.

Where the Ad Appears – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network or Everywhere

A customer could be anywhere – surfing through the feed, using the messenger etc. Deciding on the ad placement gives the ability to decide where the ad appears. However, it’s best to let the Facebook do it! The algorithm ensures that ad appears on the feeds, stories, in-stream video, messenger, app, in-article of the audiences.

Which Ad Format to Choose – For Discreet Business Promotion with Ads

Depending on the nature of the product, we decide the best ad format for the campaign.

  • Photo: Help to showcase the product with high quality images and illustrations.
  • Video: Short video are the most engaging, show on the feed and can be consumed on the go.
  • Stories: These are short-videos, carousels that exist only for 24-hrs and appear on the FB profile. Mostly these are used on sale, festival day ads that offer one day benefit.
  • Messenger: These ads appear on the messenger and help to initiate a conversation.
  • Carousel: These are used to showcase the features of a product, combo products, range of products together. Up to 10 images or videos can be added in a single ad.
  • Slideshow: These are lightweight clips that are like videos and help to display the products.
  • Collection: These ads let your audience discover, browse and buy what you offer.

Managing and Measuring the Performance

Based on your specific needs, we run multiple ads and gauge their performance. We continuously update them to ensure that every variant is working well on all devices. As a leading social media agency in Australia, we make every effort to enhance the performance of the ads.

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