Growing B2C businesses online isn’t a challenge with the right digital marketing strategy. As more Australians spend time on social media channels than ever before, it’s crucial to focus on digital channels. E-commerce as a B2C strategy has changed the fortune of many businesses. It has only grown in the past and is set to grow at even fast pace in the coming years.

Want to see your business flourishing digitally?

Online Presence can surely help. We are Australia’s premier digital marketing company that has helped several businesses grow with the latest digital marketing strategies. Here is how you will see business booming.

1# Web Development for Setting-Up B2C Ecommerce Platform or Simila

Putting in place the right platform is the first thing to do. A B2C business may have hundreds of products, and an e-commerce platform is a must to showcase them to the online audience. However, if you are in a niche, and there are a limited number of products, there are website designs available that can help to display the products.

Online Presence is an end-to-end e-commerce web solutions provider, and we have expertise in the various popular platforms. You can choose the platform, and we will implement it to create your own online store.

However, many small businesses have a limited budget. For them, we recommend setting up a Facebook and Instagram Shop along with a simple web presence. In this way, it’s easy to showcase products to a social media audience along with a way to purchase them.

2# E-commerce SEO – Trusted SEO services in Australia

SEO helps to increase traffic to the website organically and boosts conversions. However, for B2C e-commerce, the focus is on getting traffic to the product pages from the audience that is looking for similar products on Google and other search engines.

The SEO strategy consists of – keyword research, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation and content marketing to get increase the organic traffic and sales.

At Online Presence, we have a dedicated e-commerce SEO team creates customised strategy for online store. If your business has a physical presence, we create a ‘Google My Business’ listing as well. It helps the local audience to find your store online while searching for desired products. With our SEO services in Australia, you will see more organic traffic and conversions from the website.

3# Social Media Optimisation – E-commerce SMO

Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn – are popular amongst Australians. They use these to remain connected and spend a lot of time here.

Their usage pattern holds the key to B2C or E-commerce social media optimisation. Instagram is more popular amongst females and that’s why Instagram Shop is a perfect way to show your products here.

Facebook is popular amongst everyone. A Facebook Shop is the right starting point for attracting social shoppers to your products. Moreover, it offers various other way to entice shoppers – stories, live etc.

Online Presence has a strong social media practice. We not just help you to create the right social presence, but also post content regularly to grow a thriving community. We create a social media calendar that will keep the products updated and the profile fresh and buoyant with engaging posts.

4# Paid Ads on Search Engines and Social Media

Besides organic digital marketing efforts, B2C business can leverage paid advertisement to get quick results. Broadly, the paid ads can be divided in two categories – search engine and social media.

  • Google Ads – the most popular search engine ads – have different variants available to reach the audience.
  • Search Ads – These appear above the organic results on a search engine when a shopper searches for similar products on Google.
  • Display Ads – These appear on various website when the audience consumes the content related to products.
  • Shopper Ads – These appear as a carousel on the top of the organic results and showcase the products that the audience is looking for.
  • Video Ads – These ads appear on the YouTube before, or during a video is played.

Creating customised ad strategy for your brand and products needs expertise, and we have the team that can deliver results.

Social Ads – These are ads that appear on the social media platform. Most of them allow creating campaigns and run ads.

  • Facebook Ads – These ads appear on Facebook at different places
  • Instagram Ads – These ads appear on Instagram.

Online Presence is one of the premier digital marketing agencies that has proven expertise in creating and executing successful ad-campaigns within budget.

Online Presence – A Digital Marketing Company You Can Trust for Your B2C Business

We have been rendering digital marketing services to Australian businesses for several years now. Our clients come from different industry verticals, and we have helped them with B2C marketing online.

Our broad range of services include – website design and development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, paid ads to name a few.

Customers trust us as we offer all the services under one roof and offer solutions that deliver results.

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