In today’s competitive digital landscape, a business website is the first thing you need to reach out to your customers. However, technology moves ahead at a fast pace and changing trends can quickly outdate your website, that hampers your website’s SEO. Website redesign can revamp search engine ranking, conversion rates, and digital marketing as a whole.

Partnering with Online Presence, a trusted website redesign agency, can ensure a smooth transition from an old website to a new one and keep your business in sight of targeted customers. While redesigning, the SEO team takes care search engine guidelines and maximises your chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

Below are the key practices opted by web designers to retain your search engine ranking while redesigning a site.

Sets up an SEO baseline

Before making any changes to the website, experts perform an SEO audit of the website to understand what is working and whatnot. It gives them insight into the website structure and also helps to identify and resolve any new technical SEO issues that crop up.

Keywords Evaluation: Further in the SEO baseline setup, the experts evaluate the keywords and phrases that are ranking well. Other than that, they also check which page contributes to get maximum organic traffic. They preserve that page data such as images, meta, videos etc., to make sure these include in the new site exactly as they are.

Backlinks Audit: The experts review all the existing critical backlinks that point to your website and ensure they are not affected while redesigning web pages. In case the linked pages need changes, and they’ll create redirects – it would still help generate traffic from these backlinks.

Online Presence’s reliable website redesign services help you stay relevant by resolving technical issues such as broken links, redirects, or low-performing keywords that can impact your user experience and bottom line.

Establishes Future-proof URL Structure

A standard formatting URL structure can play a significant role in dramatically improving a site’s SEO. It is because there are numerous pages on a website, and a URL structure helps understand the viewers about the page. Hiring redesign agency help retain all web pages that are ranking organically. The web design and content may change during retaining, but the site URL will remain the same.

As Australia’s credible web redesign service provider, we make essential changes to the URL structure, such as putting a relevant keyword in the URL name to make the web pages easily recognisable.

Keeps the Proper Redirects in Place

Finding a ‘404 Page Not Found’ can be frustrating for a user while visiting your site, an error makes the page unavailable for the user. Expert web designers understand this and hence they use ‘301 redirects’ which start redirecting your older pages to a newly designed page for the same purpose. This option also tells the search engine that your webpage URL has moved permanently to a new address. Since it moves pages to different sections of the site without changing its name, it helps in improving SEO.

Our Online Presence agency sets up proper ‘301 redirects’ while your site is still in the staging phase so that it can be crawled easily by search engines. After this, our skilled web designers ensure everything should work as designed.

Fixes Broken Internal Links

Once setting up ‘301 redirects’, the next step experts adopt while redesigning the site is fixing any issues in internal linking architecture. While performing upgradation in web pages, internal links directing to permanently deleted pages also get removed. Although users can still see deleted pages through redirects, it adds extra load on the server. The website redesign company improves broken links and navigation links to improve user experience, which is crucial for search engine ranking.

Online Presence team pays attention to every crucial detail that brings organic traffic directly to your site. We avoid cluttered top menus and add more functional footers that could boost the internal linking architecture of your site.

Updates SSL Certificate

Websites with secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate has a significant advantage in gaining top rank on the SERP. Designers pay keen attention to implementing safety and data privacy crucial for gaining people’s trust, resulting in improved site traffic.

Small businesses rely on Online Presence since our team ensures no-cost installation of SSL certificates while going live – it adds an extra layer of data safety.

Online Presence – Renowned Website Redesign Agency Improves SEO and Conversions

Over the years, we have been known as Australia’s leading website design company catering cost-effective designs to several SMBs. We perform an in-depth evaluation to cover trending designs that improve search ranking and effectively support their bottom line.

Our skilled and dedicated web designers and developers do not believe in simply identifying problems. Instead, they delivered constructive changes and desired results which eventually brings success to the business.

For more details, speak to our high calibre and experienced team at 02 8350 6927.