A well – designed website increases the credibility of your business manifold. UI design of a website engages a visitor to stay on the webpage, scroll the pages to the end or check-out the linked pages. 50 percent of the consumers suggest that brands should focus on website design. Here are some other facts that underscore the importance of good website design:

Photos/images (40%), colour (39%), and videos (21%) are the top visual elements consumers like in a website design.

38% of visitors consider web layout or navigational links when visiting it for the first time. They leave the website if the functionality is poor. (Source – TopDesignFirms)

Online Presence is Australia’s premier digital marketing agency. Our UI / UX experts research on the various visual elements and create a brand style guide that details on the use of colours, patterns, logo, tagline, brand hierarchy. Thus, we develop a custom website that visitors are comfortable to engage with and that boosts conversions as well.

Lively Website with Multimedia Elements

When the internet speed was slow, textual websites were popular as images and videos could not be downloaded easily. However, internet is a lot faster in 2022. Any website created these days must use the various visual elements to engage the visitors.

At Online Presence, we create custom websites that deliver rich multimedia experience to the visitors.

Image/Banners – Our creative team identifies the most relevant images for the webpages.

Infographics – We use them to help the visitor understand the factual information without much effort.

Videos – These are the best way for product explainers and demonstrations and also add value to the brand.

Animations – These are also gaining in popularity and helpful to explain the concepts in story – telling way.

Colours – We research on the colour palette, keeping in mind the preferences of the target audience and the message.

Typography – We use Font style that suits your business the best. Moreover, we use the different size/case for headings, subheadings, and body – text.

Easy to Navigate

When a visitor comes to the website searching for some information, they often spend time on the webpage and explore the other pages, clicking on the links, buttons, or the menu. A website that pays attention to designing a UI that’s easy to explore renders better user/customer experience.

At Online Presence, our designers create a menu that organises the webpages in a list with use of icons. We also create buttons that make it easy for the visitor to take desired actions on the website. Our team also interlinks the pages for easy navigation. Thus, we ensure that none of the visitors leave the website early.

Pleasing Colour Combination

Brand identity is defined by the use of the colours. People recognise your brand with its unique image and the colours. It is one of the primary reasons why consumers buy particular products. While blue and green are the most popular colours, there are other colour and combinations that can be used.

At Online Presence, we create a brand style guide that contains a brand colour palette – containing the primary and secondary colours that will be used on the website. Our team uses only these colours to target the audience and send the messaging.

Right Choice of Fonts

Fonts have a large role to play in the content of the website. In the content there are headings, subheadings, and the body-text. However, these are not written plainly. Instead, the content is presented aesthetically with right use of fonts.

Our team uses the fonts in the brand style guide. We make sure that the headings are clearly readable and look impressive.

Focus on Rendering Customer Experience

Custom website development revolves around customers and is designed to render the service over the website. While the website makes sure that the entire service can be delivered on the web, the design focuses on making the access smooth and navigation simple.

At Online Presence, we make sure that your customers get the best experience while navigating the website or consuming the content.

Online Presence – Australia’s Leading Custom Development Web Agency

We have created customised websites for several businesses in Australia. Our team of experts works closely with you to design pages that capture your business workflows the best.

Our digital marketing team works on the brand style guide which works as the baseline document for creating the website, social media posts, and emailers too.

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