Australian smartphone user count is expected to reach 22 million users (~ 85.2% market penetration) in 2021 as per Red Search. Smartphones have dramatically changed the way business is being conducted online. More users are downloading the mobile apps for the services they need on a regular basis.

Apps helps them shop for desired products. Now they can easily filter the products based on their preferences. Mobile shopping is quick with entire transaction easily done online. It’s contact less, and there is no need to visit a physical store.

Businesses having a mobile app can better reach out to their target audience as compared to those with physical outlets. Moreover, a mobile experience, helps to gain the trust of customers. They’ll use the app in future transactions, increasing the brand loyalty. With 5G roll out done, m-commerce will be driven by mobile apps.

Choosing the right mobile app development company, is crucial in getting an app that delivers the best user experience and enhances brand loyalty.

1 – Find a development company that focuses on your business

There are many mobile app developers across Australia. Most of them focus on developing an app, though. That’s the difference between a customer-centric developer who in entirely focused on giving your customers an experience that will make them come back.

Understands Audience: An app designed to meet audience needs and expectations renders a smooth usage experience. Segmenting the audience before creating UI/UX designs ensures that the app is useful to different prospective customer who will use it.

Delivers Satisfying Customer Experience: The app design should deliver great customer experience. Engaging content, smooth navigation and glitch free usage lead to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customer will prefer to use the app, increasing brand loyalty and ROI.

Builds Brand with App: App based economy is a global trend. Many businesses have grown significantly with app only. An app brand is often associated as being trendy, convenient and youthful. An experienced app development company Australia knows how to deliver for business success.

2 – Check the portfolio of apps developed

Now it’s time to go through the apps developed by the company you selected. While exact app success metrics may vary from one company to the other, here are the most important ones to focus.

Performance: These metrics talk about the user experience of the app.

User and Usage: These offer visibility into the user and the demographic pattern.

Engagement: These metrics highlight how the users are engaging with the app.

Business: These metrics focus on the revenue flowing through the app.

It is best to focus on performance metrics and find out how the users are responding to the app. The app should be appealing to a large set of audience.

As a leading app developer, we ensure that the app doesn’t crash, isn’t slow and users find it easy to engage with.

3 – Look for Skills and Expertise

The mobile app development company should be well versed with the latest technologies and must be capable of delivering app for popular operating systems viz. Android and iPhone.

A company that follows a project management approach for creating and delivering an app is better for the task. It’s best to discuss the development stages with the project manager of the company. In most cases, the project manager is responsible for providing updates.

The delivery process assumes significance when you want to decide which way the app needs to be developed. However, a skilled team of developers who have delivered multiple projects in the past can be trusted.

As the leading mobile app development company in Australia, we have a team of experts who focus on your businesses and work on the app that delivers.

4 – Post Deployment Support and Maintenance

Even after the successful deployment and distribution of the app, changes may be required to implement the feedback and enhance the user experience.

Ask the app development company about the support that they offer after the deployment. We are a leading app development company that works until you get the desired results.

5 – Have a Budget and Decide on Pricing

While it is good to have a budget and ensure that the development costs are within it, but cost should be never the only deciding factor.

Choosing a low-cost app developer company can be a costly mistake if it fails to deliver. If you had to approach another company the costs can be too high.

When discussing on the price with the mobile app development company, following points must be considered.

Flexibility: Can the developer increase of decrease the budget based on the requirements? A rigid method of pricing can make you pay for the things you don’t need.

Transparency: There should be no hidden costs. Complete transparency in why and how of pricing builds trust.

Payment Models: It can be hourly, milestone based, or complete payment at once. Discuss with the developer to choose the best option.

Why choose Online Presence for mobile app development?

Online Presence is Australia’s leading digital marketing agency focused on your business growth. We begin with understanding of your audience. It helps our team to identify the factors that matter in the development.

Our team of experts work closely with you throughout the development life-cycle. Our project management approach values your feedback in various stages of app development.

We don’t follow a rigid pricing and offer various payment models to choose from.

Get in touch with our mobile app experts and build a loyal customer base for your brand.