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Enhanced Brand Visibility

  • Appearance on 1st page of SERP boosts brand image.
  • Visitors trust the products ranking on the first page.

Improved Visitor Experience

  • Quality user experience is a ranking factor for Google.
  • Using keyword data to display relevant products on the store.

Lower Paid Ad Expense

  • Running paid ads for hundreds of products is very expensive.
  • Page Optimization also reduces the cost of the ads.

More Organic Traffic

  • Higher traffic results by targeting long tail keywords.
  • These keywords convert at a higher rate.

Long Lasting Results

  • Results from paid ad last until the campaign duration.
  • Ranked pages remain in the position for longer.


How E-commerce SEO Helps?

  • Niche Brand- Online store appears prominently for niche product queries.
  • Better Experience- Visitors get relevant product on the store matching their queries.
  • More Conversions- More relevant traffic leads to more conversions and sales.


SEO Audit

Long Tail Keyword Research

Link Building

On-Page Implementation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Content Optimization

Why Online Presence?



Specialised Keyword Research
Comprehensive SEO Audit
Content Strategy
Link Building
Conversion Rate Optimisation


What is E-commerce SEO?

It refers to the specialized SEO strategies that are used to rank an online store on the search engines. The product pages rank prominently for the search queries for similar products. Online Presence is leading E-commerce SEO agency in Sydney.

Why my online store needs it?

Ecommerce SEO increases the online store revenue. When the product pages rank high to long tail keywords, there are more conversions and more sales. Moreover, the content marketing ensures that your online store becomes a trusted niche brand.

What are USPs of Ecommerce SEO from Online Presence?

Online Presence is a premium E-commerce SEO services company in Australia. Our processes are proven as we delivered results to various online stores. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your business grows.

How soon can I expect the results?
An e-commerce store has hundreds of products in each page. Successful E-commerce SEO requires ranking them for selected long tail keywords. Results are visible after 3-months. However, it may take 6-12 months to produce results for all the desired keywords.

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