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Brand Recognition

  • Boost brand awareness on popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Discover relevant audience and showcase products or service with the right marketing strategy.
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Extend Business Reach

Expand Reach

  • Connect with targeted audience across multiple social media platforms based on demographics, age, gender, profession, etc.
  • Expand fan base as more and more people become aware of brand and willing to connect.

High Conversion Rates

  • Keep followers and community updated about product updates and launches resulting in more conversions.
  • Comments, sharing content, and updating statuses on social media builds a personal connection.
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Cost-effective Advertising

  • Inexpensive paid promotions increase the reach and engagement to a vast audience.
  • Significant increase in conversion rates with PPC ads.

Increase Sales

  • Boosts sales for various products as social media increases visibility and reach massively.
  • Converts more potential leads into buyers with the right social media marketing tactics.
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How Social Media Agency Grows Business?

  • Branding- Increased visibility for products or services across diverse social media channels with the relevant audiences.
  • Boost Sales- Higher recognition leads to greater conversions, increase in sales and ROI.
  • Community- Establishes brand identity and expands customer base who advocate the brand too.


Tailormade Strategies

ROI-Focused Marketing

Fair Pricing

Customer Satisfaction

Domain Expertise

Why Online Presence?

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Facebook Marketing

Drives demand, create a loyal fan base ,and grow your business on Facebook with valuable business connections.

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Instagram Marketing

Engage with a large and diverse audience on Instagram and increase brand awareness and boost sales with stunning product visuals.

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LinkedIn Marketing

One of the more professional social media platforms, LinkedIn helps you build professional B2B dialog , connect with clients and generate leads.

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Twitter Marketing

Promote your brand organically, share relevant content with your target audience and drive traffic.

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Pinterest Marketing

Image focused platform to showcase your product offerings and brand development with unique and eye-catching pin-boards.

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YouTube Marketing

Promote products through captivating videos that are easy for viewers to consume and share.


Do you follow the same SMO marketing strategy from one channel to the other?

Social media strategy depends upon chosen social media platform and targeted audience. Diversity across various channels is the key to fine-tuning social media marketing strategy. While the basic strategy to improve sales, boost conversions, or increase engagement may work on all platforms, each platform also has its distinct and unique strategy also.

Is social media digital marketing good for my small business?

Social media platforms are ideal for small business as they focus on individual customers and building a community. It’s easy to connect and engage with customers one-to-one or in groups, build brand awareness and cultivate customer loyalty with engagement.

Which social media platform will be the best for my business?

The choice of social media platform for your business depends on business goals, target audience, content, and the budget. Online Presence is a leading Australian social media marketing company that can help you get maximum ROI from budget.

How can I improve my social media marketing strategy?

We recommend taking a multichannel approach to engage the audience. Online Presence social media management agency in Sydney provides custom marketing strategies for all your business goals.

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