By the end of 2021, almost 89 per cent of the Australian population will be using the internet.

It’s a fact that every website owner should know even before finding ways to grow their business online. Where are they spending their time online? Which websites are they using?

Top Websites Ranking – Top 10 (Source: Similarweb)

It’s evident that Australians rely on Google to search for anything they need. Moreover, they are spending time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well – preferred channels for online marketing.

Online Presence is a leading SEO agency in Sydney that can ensure that your website ranks prominently on Google (and Bing) for the relevant search queries.


SEO Agency Sydney Boosts Your Website Rank on Google Result Page

Home buyers use different keywords on search engines to find out the properties they are looking for. However, not all are of interest to your real-estate business.

Even before optimising the various pages on the website, we begin with SEO audit – followed by a SEO strategy and an executable plan to help you achieve desired business goals.

SEO Audit of your website reveals following issues

  • Existing rank of website for some keywords
  • Problem with the webpages
  • Page Load Speed
  • Usability issues
  • Content gaps etc.

Online Presence presents the audit report and the detailed SEO plan to enhance website performance.


Real Estate SEO Plan That Fires Up Rankings and Increases Traffic

We are an SEO company that has helped several Australian businesses improve rankings significantly on Google, making them stay ahead of the competition. Here is what an SEO plan includes.

Competitor Research

There are various real-estate agencies in Sydney who have websites that rank on Google for various search queries.  Our team analyses their website and finds out – keywords their website ranks for, backlinks, and the content posted on the various channels.

The research outcome helps in the subsequent stages when the team is doing the keyword research, creating content, and doing external linking.

SEO Audit

This audit tells the potential issues with your website. It’s a comprehensive audit whose outcomes decide the activities that need to be performed to get the desired results.

Deciding On the Keywords to Rank

From the competitor analysis, our team knows the keywords their website is ranking for. However, we these are mere inputs for them.

We perform keyword research and list down all the relevant keywords that the visitors (target audience) search to get the information they are looking for. We discuss them with you and keep refining the list unless we have a final set of keywords to begin optimisation.

Optimising Website Pages

Now it is time to optimise the website pages that are of interest and relevant to the business goals.

Content Optimisation

The content on the web page has a significant role to play in ranking it on the Google result page. Google’s algorithm prioritises those pages that are relevant to the search query.

The web page content has to be properly organised in headings and subheadings to engage the readers and also contain keywords to make it search-friendly.

Our expert content team writes well – researched content for the web pages that is far better in quality from the competition.

Link Building

Backlinks – all the external sites where your site is linked – significantly boost the website rank if they are present in the relevant and authoritative websites. Besides, it also makes the brand reliable and gives credibility to the website.

Our outreach team identifies the potential sites for the external link building. These hard-earned links make the web page more popular, flip up the authority and improve the ranking.

Tag Optimisation

The HTML tags of the web page – title, meta, heading, alt, etc. – are also optimised as they improve the ranking.

The description of the web page that appears in the Google search result pages below the link is optimised and made relevant to your real – estate business.

Local Listing – GMB and others

When you are focussed on growing business in a certain location, Google offers many ways to enhance the visibility of the website and reach the local home buyers.

Google My Business helps to create a business profile, and also offers the way to your business location by showing it on the Google Maps.

There are several other websites that can be used for local listing and help to increase outreach.

Online Presence is a SEO company Sydney that helps your website rank on Google. Once, optimised, the website will appear on the top of search result page for the identified keywords. Consequently, the traffic coming to various listings will increase thereby increasing conversions and boosting sales.


Choose Online Presence – Leading SEO Agency in Sydney

We have helped various Australian businesses grow their business online with SEO.  After optimisation, your real estate business website will be able to get the traffic from potential home buyers.

That’s not all!

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can optimise the website on social media channels for branding and conversions.

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