To survive and thrive in today’s competitive business landscape, B2B tech companies are looking for ways to get valuable leads. A healthy social media marketing strategy can help them target prospects on various platforms. Among all, LinkedIn is one of the most prominent social media platforms to enhance business leads.

LinkedIn doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most popular professional social media networks across Australia, with 12.75 million users, which means 48.75% of its entire population. (Source –

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Significance of LinkedIn as a B2B Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn helps establish a robust connection among colleagues, businesses, and others in the network. Unlike other social platforms, it enables business owners to implement robust marketing strategies and generate quality leads. More importantly, it helps a business drive continuous and predictable revenue. Let’s understand the benefits of using LinkedIn as a lead-generating tool.

Dedicated Professional Networking Platform: It enables business owners to connect with professionals across different verticals and skill sets. This is what makes LinkedIn different from other platforms. LinkedIn allows you to filter your search for professionals based on job titles, abilities, locations, and so forth. Consequently, it allows you to perform a more targeted search based on your buyer persona.

Cost–Effective: Although generating leads through LinkedIn for free is possible, you can also select paid options to get leads faster. LinkedIn ads are much more cost-effective than other social media platforms. However, an ad campaign seems costlier upfront, but it can offer a high conversion rate and increased ROI.

B2B Lead Generation: This platform is known for building professional networking. Since a large number of companies and prospects are already there, your business can manage to grab their attention and begin lead generation through a powerful B2-B marketing campaign.

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Crucial Tips for Effective B2B Lead Generation Campaign Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find new customers and generate leads. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, it’s time to start implementing the right marketing strategy and action plan. Here are the strategies that enable your business to generate two-fold leads from LinkedIn marketing.

#1 LinkedIn Profile Optimization

The first and foremost step towards the success of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is to optimize your business profile. Optimization of profile means updating and completing information so that the audience can easily understand your business.

If you’re overwhelmed about optimizing the industry profile, you must take experts’ help. At Online Presence, we help create an engaging profile that consists catchy headline, a descriptive about us section, and a clear photo (preferably your business logo) so that clients can easily relate to you.

#2 Create Engaging Content

Content is the key when it comes to genuine lead generation and conversions. Prospects often lose interest when they find the content irrelevant or self-promotional. However, you can retain an audience or prospect to your business site by providing engaging informational/ educational content and including high-search keywords on your LinkedIn profile.

Posting engaging content will encourage your visitors to share it, which leads to desirable brand exposure. Generating content for high visibility can be tedious, especially on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Partnering with Online Presence, a leading social media agency in Sydney can enable you to seamlessly implement content strategy and track the results.

#3 Join LinkedIn Groups

If you want to flourish your business in a wider dimension and leverage the upper hand in B2B lead generation, then joining LinkedIn groups is a great way to reach a large number of people at once. Joining a group in the same industry can help establish greater connections among people and be a good source for leads.

At Online Presence, we will work with you at every stage to build strong networks with an effective monthly social media organic outreach plan through LinkedIn groups so you can connect with other professionals who share similar interests or work styles.

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