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Online Presence is an agency that works with a sole objective – grow your business with more conversions. We have worked with businesses of varying scale and create customised SEO strategy and plan to update your website and rank it on Google for specific keywords that are relevant to your business.

We don’t use any cookie-cutter tactics. Instead, our team of experts rely on research. SEO isn’t a digital marketing strategy that delivers immediate results. There are several factors that come into play when Google algorithm ranks your web page. We carefully consider them and also make the changes to ensure that the web page creates an impression on the first page and ranks prominently.

Business growth comes from conversions. Every website has its own way to define it – leads, email signups, sales, form fill etc. We work with your team to ascertain what is considered as conversion and work to meet the business goals – more conversions from the website.

Our team creates a SEO strategy and plans the task and activities to meet the SEO objectives and goals. While updating your website, our SEO team also considers your competitors and their strategies to rank on Google. Working this way, we ensure that your website pages rank for targeted keywords.

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Brand Visibility

When your website ranks on the Google’s 1st page, your brand becomes visible to numerous searchers. At Online Presence, we ensure that your brand appears on the 1st page of SERP in the top ranks so that it gets the desired brand visibility.

More Organic Traffic

When your website ranks high on the 1st page of search engines, the click-through-rate increases with every rise in the rank. It also means that there is a steady rise in the organic traffic from relevant audience across different locations.

Better Audience Targeting

SEO helps to target audience when they are searching for similar products, services or looking for details before making the purchase. Our SEO experts perform keyword research and shortlist the long-tail search queries with clear the search intent.

Minimal Wait Time

When the audience clicks on your website on the 1st page of SERP, they don’t expect to wait for long as the website opens on the browser. We improve the page load speed and ensure that visitors get instant access to the website.

Appealing Design

The almost any visitor come to the website, they come across the design elements first. An impressive and appealing design entices them to stay on the page. Our SEO experts ensure that audience remains on the website for long.

Better Customer Experience

Our content team creates content with due consideration to targeted keywords. When the audience find it relevant to their search query, they engage with it more interest. It often results in more desired actions and conversions.



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It’s where our SEO process begins. We find out the keywords and the existing rank of web pages that is compared with competitors. We also take a look at the duplicate version of website, page load speed, https, mobile friendliness etc. Our strategy considers the findings of the audit report and creates plan to achieve business objectives.


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These are updates that we make to the various areas of the web pages. Our SEO experts optimise the website pages to make them search engine friendly. When Googlebot crawls, it can easily index and rank them. When the audience searches for targeted keywords, they can easily find these pages.



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Google Hummingbird update altered the way keywords are identified. The focus has now shifted to search intent. Our SEO experts identify the long-tail keywords that have a clear search intent. These keywords are used by the audience to find products or perform research. With right choice of keywords, we ensure that SEO delivers the desired results.


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It’s the process of getting the other websites to link to your own website. External links boost the authority of the web pages makes them rank high and gets more traffic. Our SEO team uses the most authentic ways to get more websites to link to yours. We have an outreach team to build high-quality links.


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It’s done to find what your industry peers are doing to stay on top of search engine. It finds out who are the SEO competitors, the keywords that they are targeting, the topics that they are covering, and the authoritative websites they are getting linked to. The inputs from these analyses helps us to create better SEO strategy.



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It refers to the approach followed to develop the content and publish it in specific channels to mee the various business goals. Our content team identifies the most effective form of content to meet your business goals. The content is created keeping in mind the audience, keywords and their interest.



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Content is what differentiates an experienced that has been in the industry for past many years from those who have just started their operations. Authoritative content satisfies the query of searcher and helps to fulfil the intent. The audience visits the internal links and other sections of the website that leads to desired actions.



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When all the changes are made, your website will perform significantly better. There are various indicators or KPIs that our team tracks using the Google Search Console and the Google Analytics. Our team prepares the reports and shares them with you at regular intervals


Online Presence is Australia’s premier SEO agency that businesses trust to grow online. We have delivered results and our optimisation efforts are not intangible. Instead, we are KPI driven and believe in improving the performance on indictor that can be measured.

The focus of our SEO strategy is not to complicate the path of digital growth. Instead, we begin with full consideration to your business priorities. SEO is technique that we use to reach the end results which means more conversions through organic search.

Our SEO process begins with SEO audit to identify the issues that are roadblocks to the high rank and better performance. The problem could be in the website structure, content, or other areas. We identify them and make the changes to make your website search engine friendly.

In every business there are competitors, however, when we look at the SEO competitors that occupy high ranks for keywords relevant to your business. The competitor research helps us to narrow the list of keywords, external links and also keeps the efforts focussed.

Google wants to give best search experience to the users. It also means that the web pages, which rank high are those that satisfy the search intent. Our SEO expert team focusses on the audience and updates that various aspects of a web page to rank it high for the clicks, and make it more engaging and relevant to search intent.

Once optimised, your website ranks high on the 1st page of Google, gets more clicks, engagement and leads. Our team regularly monitors the performance of the website to find out any issues and gaps. We work persistently to deliver the SEO goals and keep the website updated.

Local Australian businesses trust our SEO services in Brisbane because we focus on delivering measurable results.


Can SEO improve the rank of my website on Google?
Search engine optimisation is a proven technique to boost a website ranking on Google. It does so by making the required updates to the web page. When the relevant audience search for the targeted keywords, your website appears on 1st page of search results.
The organic traffic to my website has seen a steady decline. Can your agency help?
There could be several reasons for it that are found only after an SEO audit. Once we identify the issues and perform competitor research, our team creates a SEO strategy that will put your website back on top of search engine.
My website loads very slowly. Can it be improved with SEO?
Search engine optimisation covers various aspects including the page load speed and the website load speed. Our SEO specialists update the website to increase the page load speed. It helps to render better experience when a visitor moves from one page to the other.
What is Technical SEO?
It refers to meeting all the technical requirements of the website as per the search engines to rank it high on their search results. The elements that need to be updated include crawling, indexing, ranking and the website architecture. Online Presence is a SEO company in Brisbane that works on every aspect of your website.
I have an e-commerce website. How can SEO help my business?
E-commerce SEO helps your website rank high on search engine results pages. When buyers search for similar products on Google, they are more likely to see the products from your website on the search engines above other websites. We are a leading SEO agency in Brisbane that offers a complete e-commerce solution.
How much time it will take to rank the website high on SERP?
SEO is a digital marketing strategy with long-term focus. There are technical reasons as well. Even after a website has been optimised and updated, the search engine takes time to crawl, index, and rank your web pages. So, the effect of optimisation becomes visible only after sometime. However, you should expect the results within 3 to 6 months.



Improve your local online visibility and outrank your local competitors and earn more leads.

Enterprise SEO

Secure high rank for enterprise-wide products and services and get more conversions.

Global SEO

Take your business across the globe and target international audience online easily.

E-commerce SEO

Make your e –store more visible on search engines and improve your sales like never before!

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