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Online Presence is a trusted full-service SEO agency in Gold Coast that provides services to small and large businesses to build a productive online presence. Our SEO team is committed to improving the website’s ranking and visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.    

Australian businesses are facing heightened competition as businesses and consumers have moved online. Online Presence understands Google search engine algorithm and makes sure that your business thrives in the competitive market. We create robust SEO strategies that drive relevant and high-quality organic traffic directly to your websites.

Our SEO strategy considers the nature of your business and understanding your customer behaviour, expectations, challenges, and goals. We create customised SEO plans for you with the help of proven methodologies that help drive more relevant traffic, leads and sales.   

At Online Presence , we believe in making realistic commitments instead of overpromising and faltering afterwards. Our team keeps a close eye on Google algorithm updates and the latest changes in SEO techniques. In order to deliver quality SEO services in Gold Coast, we follow a comprehensive approach that includes in-depth keyword research, on & off-page optimisation accompanied with audience-centric optimised content.


Top Ranks in Google SERP

A website that finds a position in the top ten organic results on the Google is implementing the right SEO strategy. We target high-ranking keywords suitable for a website, which might be searched by the potential audience. It helps to boost site ranking in SERPs. 

More Conversions

Our SEO efforts are measurable, and we monitor them using KPIs. Conversion can include form submissions, email signups, sales, or something similar. We focus on getting more clicks and engagement on the web page that drives more conversions.   

Augment Trust and Credibility

When a website ranks high in search engines, it becomes more trustworthy and credible to the audience. Our SEO team spends time enhancing your site speed, post top-quality content to your site, enhance on-page components that eventually improve site ranking. 

Bring in More Customers

An SEO-optimised website pulls customers twice as fast compared to a regular site. Our SEO strategies drive ‘targeted’ traffic and eventually bring more customers to your business. Honestly, our SEO strategy delivers far better results than traditional marketing tactics out there. 

Improves User – Engagement

A visitor who engages longer with the website likely connects more to the brand. Our SEO strategy improves the engagement duration. Because we create useful web content that matches searchers’ intent, it makes them spend more time browsing, which ultimately helps boosts conversions.  

No Advertisement Cost

SEO increases traffic organically with no advertisement cost involved. Our experts gauge website performance against the KPIs and rectifies issues. Our cost-friendly SEO services, promote web content, reach targeted customers organically, and rank high in your niche.  



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Our team kicks-off this process by taking a deep dive into your website to analyse the many factors that could impact its ability to rank on the Google 1st page. Our SEO audit strategy modulates the website’s on and off-page SEO activities along with technical SEO to boost site performance.   


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It refers to the activities that make your website more search engine friendly. Our team optimises website pages in various ways so that it sends the right signals to the search engines. Our strategy consists of content optimisation, meta–tag optimisation, site code/ html markup etc.  



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The recent Google algorithm update has changed the way keyword research is performed. Our SEO experts identify the long-tail keywords with a clear search intent.  When your targeted audience searches for them, they can find your business in the top ranks on Google SERP. 


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It is the practice of acquiring quality backlinks from higher domain-authority websites for your site to get better rank. Our SEO team creates a healthy and strong backlink profile that can improve your ranking on Google SERPs and generate more organic traffic than before.  


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We evaluate all keywords, backlinks and other optimisation factors that your competitor use. Our experts analyse and find out ways to create a better strategy than your competitors to improve search rankings and site user experience for potential visitors. 



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Our comprehensive content strategy plan outlines the content need not just for the search engine alone. Our content strategist understands your target audience interest and create concise, straight-to-the-point and comprehensive content that is optimised as well. 



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Content is an essential component for SEO success. Our team creates compelling content as per search engine guidelines – it not only helps you connect with the prospective audience but also act as fuel for other marketing strategies. 



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In the end, SEO reporting helps develop a strong online marketing strategy. Our SEO experts collect data and rely on KPIs to measure SEO success. We consistently focused on tracking SEO metrics like mobile speed, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. to improve quality ROI.  


Online Presence is a professionally acclaimed SEO agency in Gold Coast. We have been serving various types of business, large and small, for the past few years. Our reliable team works with passion and enthusiasm to deliver exceptional and realistic SEO results for esteemed clients across the country and other global locations.   

As a leading SEO services provider, we assure the best ranking for your website by targeting keywords identified after thorough research. Our team of SEO experts at Online Presence creates campaign that begins with an SEO audit and includes content marketing, technical, on-page & off-page optimisation, and regular monitoring.

We take a systematic approach to attain the SEO goals. Our regular performance monitoring ensures that your website is getting traffic and making conversions. Moreover, we never lose focus on identifying and resolving issues even before they could affect the website performance. 

With our efforts we help you gain the top ranks on the Google 1st page. Our team of SEO professionals take close look at your SEO competitors and work on every issue to take your website to the top on SERPs. 

Our next focus is on performing the various optimisation activities to pull up your website ranking. We are a specialist SEO Company in Gold Coast that focuses on delivering growth so we pick keywords that are at the bottom of funnel. We create share-worthy blog posts and create back-links to bolster your search marketing.   

We are trusted by the local business because our team believes in transparent reporting.  It comprises Google Analytics reports for the overall website’s SEO performance. These reports can be accessed anytime using the client portal.


What on-site checklist do you follow?
The on-site SEO process helps to get a better rank for search queries and drives relevant traffic. Here is what is included –  
• Google search console account.  
• SEO analytics.  
• Installation of SEO plugin – Yoast SEO, Rank Math etc.  
• Generation and submission of a sitemap.  
• Making the site crawlable.  
• Mobile responsive, bounce rate, better site speed, etc.  
Once you subscribe to our Gold Coast SEO services, we’ll provide the other details.
Can SEO Improve my website relevancy?
Several SEO aspects make a website rank on the first page of Google. We begin the effort by identifying the right keywords and phrases that are mostly used by your audience. Next, we optimise the website content with these words and phrases.  These efforts make your website relevant to the search queries from your audience.
How can long-tail keywords boost my website’s SEO game?
Google’s Hummingbird update focuses on the long-tail keywords to give better results. So, we use the long-tail keywords to improve search visibility as they have a clear search intent. Long-tail keywords usually get lower search traffic but improve conversion. These keywords get more traffic to the site over time and are used by the targeted audience too. 
What is better, SEO or paid marketing?

Both PPC and SEO are unique and have their own importance.

SEO is a strategy that brings organic traffic but takes time to get desired results. SEO is ideal when it comes to get better rank on low-competition keywords. It is a cost-effective strategy, and by writing unique and SEO-friendly content, you can reach the first page of google effortlessly.  On the other hand, paid marketing like Pay-per-click (PPC) delivers immediate results.

Can you do SEO for Videos too?
Yes, we do. We follow the same process of SEO for videos too. We optimise your videos in the same way we do search engine optimisation for your website. Here is how we do this:  
• Include highly relevant keywords in the video title and description.  
• Consistently posting of videos based on targeted audience interest.  
• Check analytics to improve UX and improve SEO. 
What to expect from Online Presence ’s SEO campaign?
We are known as customer-centric SEO agency in Gold Coast. We will improve your website’s search engine visibility, generate more leads and sales. However, SEO is a process that takes time – usually 3 to 6 months.  



Improve your local online visibility and outrank your local competitors and earn more leads.

Enterprise SEO

Secure high rank for enterprise-wide products and services and get more conversions.

Global SEO

Take your business across the globe and target international audience online easily.

E-commerce SEO

Make your e –store more visible on search engines and improve your sales like never before!

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