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Australian business looking to get high ranks on Google and other search engines can rely on our SEO services in Melbourne that move the needle. Our team of experts don’t begin without a goal. We spend time having a discussion about your business, and create a SEO strategy to reach business goals. 

Google algorithm updates have ensured that those web pages that are audience focussed rank high on the 1st search result page. We are considered as the best SEO in Melbourne provider as our efforts begin with your audience. Who are they and how do they use Google to decide on the product and services? Our team tries to find answer to this question by creating personas.

Online Presence works to deliver growth for your business which comes from conversions. What does conversion mean to you? Our team discusses them and we work to achieve the business goals by optimising the website. We are considered as the best SEO agency in Melbourne because our focus is on KPIs and measurable results.  

We follow an organised approach to take your website to the top of Google search engine rankings. Our experts create a SEO strategy to achieve these business goals. We also plan to rank your website on the targeted keywords and ensure that it gets more organic traffic.


Credibility Boost

When your website appears on Google’s 1st page, it becomes a trusted source of products or services and the information too. Most users don’t do beyond the first result page and the top rank in the first page, enhances credibility. 

High Quality Organic Traffic

SEO increases the organic traffic coming to the site from the targeted keywords. After optimisation, when the audience searches for target keywords and the website appears on in the top ranks on the 1st page, the traffic increases.

Measurable Results

At Online Presence, we measure the performance of the website using various KPIs. Some of them are website traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and the time spent on the website. Our team constantly improves the website performance on them. 

24/7 Marketing

SEO ensures that the digital marketing works round the clock. Once the site begins to rank for the targeted keywords, it will appear for them round the clock. Whenever audience searches for them, they will find your site on the 1st page. It helps to get more traffic and conversions.

Targets Different Funnel Stages

Our SEO efforts also focusses on creating different kinds of content that informs the audience as they are seeking for information on the search engines. As they move from top-of-the-funnel to the bottom, with different search queries we help you target them well. 

Increases Brand Awareness

When the website appears on the Google 1st page, it often creates a brand impression. Those sites that regularly feature in the first page have for search queries by audience, they are more likely have high brand recall. Online Presence’s SEO efforts bring your website to the first page and build your brand. 



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The SEO audit helps to put in place the right SEO strategy in place for a website. Our SEO team determines whether a website is optimised as per search engine standards and rectifies issues that prevent gaining search engine’s traffic, visibility, usability and conversions.  


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It is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. The on-page optimisation on your website helps to rank it well in Google SERPs. To help your website attain a higher ranking, our SEO executives publish relevant and high–quality content with optimised headlines, HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images. 



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We begin with identification of queries searched by the audience on Google. Long tail keywords with clear user intent are easy to rank for with a carefully crafted SEO strategy. When your website begins to rank for them it saves your expenditure on pay-per-click (PPC) ads.


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External and internal links are crucial off-page SEO elements – essential to enhance the website’s search engine rankings. Our team uses multiple backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources that help to increase your site’s authority. Quality backlinks from other sites signal Google that your website is valuable enough to link to it.


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We evaluate all keywords, backlinks and other optimisation factors that your competitor use. Our experts analyse and find out ways to create a better strategy than your competitors to improve search rankings and site user experience for potential visitors.



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Our team creates content focused on your audience whilst following the Google standards. Our content specialists understand what your customer wants to read and learn while writing a content (blogs, web pages, articles).  We focus on your audience more than anything else.



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At the core of any SEO strategy lies unique and powerful content creation. Content infused with relevant keywords promotes your website on major search engines. Our content strategist understands the need of users and produce informative content that follows Google guidelines. 



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Regular monitoring and evaluation of SEO efforts are vital for SEO campaign success. Our SEO services in Melbourne tracks and measures everything from rankings conversions to lost links. At O3 Digital, our team understands what SEO metrics to track – it is important for client retention and SEO success. 


We are one of the most trusted SEO companies in Melbourne for business growth. Australian businesses across different industries rely on our SEO services to meet their business objectives. At Online Presence, we rely on KPIs to monitor growth. Some of them are organic traffic avg. session duration, and conversions.
Our SEO experts create a comprehensive SEO strategy that begins with an SEO audit. It helps us to identify the issues with the performance. It could with the site speed, the design, or it may not be targeting the audience well.   

Being the best SEO agency in Melbourne, we constantly pay attention to the latest updates and changes in search engine algorithms. Our team adopt a systematic approach to find the best keywords that work well for your business niche.

We use the most reliable Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords that help your website rank high for the searches conducted by the potential audience every day. Besides this, our SEO expert team at Online Presence study about your competitor strategy to formulate a better plan that can make your business stand out.   

When it comes to creating SEO-friendly websites, Online Presence has your back. It is because we don’t cost you an arm and a leg for developing an SEO optimized site. Instead, you can expect realistic results from our on-page SEO and high-quality content strategy. Furthermore, our tailor-made SEO campaigns help you win new customers, enhance sales, deliver long term results and revenue.   

Our experienced SEO experts consistently monitor and track SEO efforts that ensure improved ranking and more sustainable results. 


What role SEO will have in my business growth?
SEO can be complicated if you try to manage things on own. Leave it to our experts who grow your brand’s reach by attracting relevant audience and getting more conversions. 
What is your SEO strategy to deliver results?

There are four key aspects of SEO, and our team at Online Presence consider all of them to formulate a comprehensive SEO strategy.  

  • Technical SEO considers code, site structure, crawling, indexing, rendering, site speed, and other SEO metrics that could affect search traffic. Our SEO team ensures that your website meets the technical requirement of major search engines.  

  • Off-page SEO refers to improving your site domain and site ranking by adding relevant links from different websites. It includes guest blogging, social media sharing to help gain more traffic on your site.  

  • On-page SEO improves users’ site experience and ease of access. Our SEO team optimises web page content (meta tags, alt images, headings) infused with relevant keywords for better search ranking.  

  • Content Marketing creates clean, unique, compelling, effective content for execute SEO strategy and ensure that the content reaches the top spot on SERPs, and gets noticed by potential audience.  

How long will it take to get the desired results?
Effective SEO strategy takes time to show results, but we don’t deny delivering results out of time frame. You can expect results within six months of SEO strategy execution. However, if you want to see results earlier, we’ll make more effort in improving the site’s health.  
How do you approach mobile?
Usually, when we discuss our SEO strategy with our clients, mobile optimization is part of our conversation. It is because Google algorithm favours websites that are responsive for mobile – it makes mobile optimisation more important than ever. As the best SEO provider in Melbourne, we focus on conducting a mobile audit for your site while keeping your visitors’ expectations in mind.  
How do you perform Keyword Research?
Earlier, keyword research was just about picking relevant terms from keyword research tools and developing content based on that term. However, with the expansion of techniques, research requires much more effort – it needs an exercise in understanding user intent. Our team of SEO experts understand what a user needs when searching for the keyword phrase in search engines.  
Is SEO worth the money spent?
We are the best SEO company in Melbourne. We work with full transparency for every client, we respond immediately to your questions, and needs promptly. We diligently work on your audience needs, industry goals, and KPIs to create and execute an effective SEO strategy.



Improve your local online visibility and outrank your local competitors and earn more leads.

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Secure high rank for enterprise-wide products and services and get more conversions.

Global SEO

Take your business across the globe and target international audience online easily.

E-commerce SEO

Make your e –store more visible on search engines and improve your sales like never before!

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