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Extend Business Reach

  • Tap the extensive Android market with a dynamic app for better business returns.
  • Broaden your pool of customers.
Extend Business Reach
High Returns On Investment

High Returns on Investment

  • A fully-responsive app gets more revenue than cost incurred.
  • Low-cost development with readily available Android SDK.

Easy Customization

  • Android app can be easily customized for various Android devices with more room for innovation and unlimited reach.
  • High-performing, user-friendly, and reliable app increases user satisfaction.
Easy Customization
Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential

  • Android OS is versatile and adaptable with Android ecosystem of TVs, wearables, smartphones and tablets.
  • Compliant with new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT.

Low Development Cost

  • Open-source Android only needs development cost.
  • Cost-effective with lower turn-around-time.
Low Development Cost


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How Android App Development Grows Business?

  • Exposure- Boost sales and increase customer reach and conversion rates from Android device users.
  • Better Branding- High visibility of Android app increases the brand presence manifold.
  • Scalable- Low cost and high ROI with easy deployment.


Highly Customizable Apps

Large Audience Reach

Competitive Edge

Less Time to Market

Reliability & Transparency

Why Online Presence?

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Android UI/UX Design

Latest design that delivers the most interactive and responsive user interface.

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Android Mobile App Development

Secure and engaging app that meets your requirements.

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Android IoT App Development

We build SCRUM empowered apps using the best IoT practices.

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App Upgrades and Redesign

Maintain or transform business apps with innovative redesigns.


How does your agency approach Android app development?

Online Presence is an Android app development agency in Sydney that ensures your app is developed with all functionalities. We closely follow various platform requirements and provide you the best version app that works well.

What is the Google Android SDK?

The Google Android SDK is the Standard Development Kit or a toolset for Android app development. It is necessary for developers to build and run the application on Android devices.

How are Android apps different from web apps?

Android apps are exclusively developed for Android systems and are faster than web apps. They can also access device resources like its camera and GPS and can even work offline. In contrast, web apps are accessed through the web browser on mobile devices and do not require installation on the device.

Why will my company need Android app services?

Android has a popular customer base and so Android mobile app development can help your brand reach a massive audience. Online Presence is Australia’s premier Android app development company and we offer comprehensive app solutions that can help your business scale new heights.

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