Today digital marketing requires as much focus and effort as any traditional marketing method. The reasons are pretty simple. The number of internet users is increasing day-by-day along with the average time that they spend online. This year, COVID-19 made people spend their maximum time on websites related to news; almost double, whereas, the time spent on OTT platforms has also witnessed a spike. These changing trends along with remote working among everything else are enough to influence digital marketing strategies and trends across the globe.

Talking about the rising trends, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. And people across the globe are utilising best smo services in Australia that provides the methods and trends to earn money and generate revenue for their businesses. And here are a few drivers related to social media that are influencing digital marketing trends in 2020.

COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

Multinational companies have suffered heavy losses as they had to cancel orders/performances/shows/events and whatnot. Digital marketing came out as an apparent champion and companies who didn’t even have any social media page have now started online trading on various social media platforms. The key aspect in all this is flexibility that allows businesses to adopt and change their strategy as per the need of the time.

Creating Marketable Content

Old-school content formats are fading away and both customers and businesses are refusing to support fake advertisements, testimonials and press releases. Businesses are hiring graphic designers, content writers and other types of content creators who can make the content more appealing and attention-worthy. Today more and more people (who may be existing and/or potential customers for many businesses) are coming online. They are regularly streaming videos and movies and are also quite active on other social media platforms. Such a huge user base can be tapped into through content that is relevant, trendy and of course marketable.

Promoting User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is always unspecified; it can be text, videos, images, advertisements, all designed by the people. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are full of all types of great customer-generated content that can play a crucial role in promoting credibility and improving your marketing strategy. It establishes trust among your clients as the majority of people trust the recommendations and opinions from other users that might be creating/promoting content/products related to your business.

Taking things forward from here, Influencers and bloggers are the best sources when it comes to user-generated content. Influencer marketing is one of the most reliable methods to instantly intensify your marketing campaign and boost awareness. According to Forbes, today influencer marketing is evolving faster than digital advertisements. Also, importance is placed on leveraging an enterprise leaders’ supporters to promote growth.

It is more of a word of mouth advertising that revolves around making full use of the potential of a few pioneers to enhance your brand image for a bigger market. Influencers can help spread the news about the business and/or products through various social channels. Influencer promotion is more real and trustworthy than corporate publicising as more customers trust influencers’ assessments of products and/or services more than typical brand promotions.


Most websites on the internet today rely on chatbots for primary interaction with their clients and customers. The need for employing a customer-attendant becomes negligible. Still, businesses can employ customer support executives for after-sales support and for situations where human intervention is an essential. Responses provided by chatbots are immediate, precise and they can also provide review customers’ entire purchasing history. These are humble helpers that offer exceptional client care by living up to clients’ expectations and robotising redundant operations.


Every image, caption, video and everything that you can consider as ‘content’ has to have a strong connection with the brand and its vision. All of these aspects have to be well-planned before it is being published on any platform. The reason for such reforms is the changing digital marketing trends in 2020 as many visitors get irritated with conventional publicising impacts. For instance, the intensity of personalisation clearly reflects in brands such as Netflix and Amazon with their custom-made suggested items or multimedia titles.

Like any other industry, digital marketing worldwide is also going through paradigm changes. Staying at home and remote working has induced changes in people’s online behaviour and marketers have to understand and adopt accordingly. Although some of the changes are new and marketers also didn’t have the bandwidth to implement those, they are most certainly affecting the decision-making process of buyers across the globe.

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