It is easier to design and develop a good-looking website these days. However, when it comes to generating maximum results in terms of maximum traffic, sales, and customer retention, having a good-looking website is not enough – you’ll need to focus on UX research.

So, how to ensure the right UX design? It starts with user research to gain knowledge of users’ needs, audience behaviour, experience, pain points and other such valuable information. The UI UX research consists of various qualitative and quantitative methods that not just solve users’ issues but delight them.

Online Presence – a leading web design company in Australia, says that the “UX research is crucial to lay out a logical structure for a site or application”, allows businesses owners to experience their website the way users do.

The Significance of UI UX Research for Web Designing

According to 70% of CEOs, user experience is key to differentiating a company from competitors (source – Customerthink)

UX research is the key to attaining real returns, generating new leads, converting prospects and gaining customer insight. As mentioned, this research is a study of a website’s targeted audience to understand their needs and goals through web design. This research incorporates gathering customers’ information through feedback or interviews. Later the web prototype and pages are created based upon that data.

The Types of UX Research Methods

There are plenty of UX research methods available. However, the mentioned two are prime types of collected information.

Qualitative research: this research seeks information and answers for “why”. This research helps to gain insight into web users’ real experiences, including emotion and behaviour. Moreover, it helps evaluates why a user reacts in a specific way. Along with that, this method includes target audience feedback, contextual inquiries, focus groups, observation sessions and usability tests.

Quantitative research: this research answers the “what”. It deals with the numerical data or data that can be changed into usable statistics, providing insights about what is happening and how frequently it is happening. For instance, it defines what type and how many types of devices are used to access the website. The quantitative research method includes A/B testing, surveys, market analytics etc.

Benefits of Conducting UX Research

You might have understood why it is essential to conduct user experience research, and it significantly reduces uncertainty at every stage of decision making while designing or developing a website. Online Presence, a trusted web development agency, explains that you can create a design that eventually helps reap business benefits by understanding the users’ expectations.

Let’s understand the benefits of conducting UX research while designing or redesigning a site.

  • Business Advantage: As mentioned above, the right user experience research directly helps improve customer attention, conversion, retention, lifetime value and loyalty. If you’re not achieving the desired result, it means you are missing the mark in some way. Partnering with a reliable web design company like Online Presence helps execute UX research and improve ROI by eliminating costly redesigns.
  • Improve conversions: Using the right research strategy eventually brings higher conversions. Understanding user behaviour and implementing it on-site help convert more, resulting in higher sales and increased value.
  • Cut Costs: Performing UX research frequently can make more conversions while keeping costs low. Making changes based on the results provided by the new real-time website will take additional time and costs more. Moreover, UX research enables you to test low-fidelity prototypes of wireframes – helps make changes faster and cheaper.
  • Help Form Decision Better: One good thing about user experience research is that it will help make firm decisions based on user tasks and overall business accomplishments. It will happen because the focus will shift to generating higher conversions rather than choosing options that look better.

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