Marketing through Digital has been happening in the last 7-8 years and has been active the most during the pandemic. It has created a great impact on advertising and business sectors in both positive and negative impacts. People who were used to perform traditional marketing were stuck at home and realize the importance of a digital presence. From cooking videos to learning new skills, people have done almost every activity to entertain themselves and endure this pandemic. While some are still striving hard to opt for the online platform and waiting for the situation to be normal again, (Which won’t happening at least for a year) others businesses are preparing not to just survive but also emerge as winners during Covid-19.

The everyday rising of covid-19 has completely destroyed the physical shops, MNC’s and local business. It has urged companies to save their budget by cutting down their traditional advertising costs. At the same time, digital branding agency have been a hit because of getting more and more clients who have switched from offline to online presence. On the other side, advertising agencies have too associated with Data/Tech platforms and have present their business marketing strategies to help brands connect better with their target audience. This has also aimed to reach good revenue and reach. Let’s go through Few agencies that have collaborated with the brands during the pandemic.

    • FCB which is one of the greatest online branding company has partnered with experiential digital agency XP&D Interactive for organizing events, conferences, and product launches online.
    • Few Travel Agencies who were not going so well because of covid-19 has impacted traveling has too started increasing their content production by putting travel blogs and contest on their social channels. They have also collaborated with the wanderers to enhance their social reach. This also proves that nothing can stop a business/brand to run their platform until they are following the right path to build their customer relationship.
    • Famous creative agency “Leo Burnett” has also launched three verticals including digital, consulting, and design. They have also created a “short-term thinking model” called 0-3-6 which will help businesses to grow their brand in the next three months, and after-six-month with a proper strategic plan, execution and through affordable social media marketing.

  • Digital agency Dentsu Webchutney has also launched an innovative virtual internship program Interns from Home in June. In that internship, the agency has selected 50 interns to represent the future of advertising.

Talking about other marketing modules, Influencer marketing also started to drive an amazing response by creating on-point brand strategies through social media and content. Shirish Agarwal who is ahead of the marketing and brand of Panasonic has said that “Social media, influencer marketing, and content marketing, which drive the usage of products, has been our key focus this year and this will continue in future,”.

Covid-19 has created big chaos in the world and people are struggling a lot, one good thing has happened too. Traditional brands who were not finding online marketing important has now started hiring experts for digital marketing in australia. People have been quarantined but their businesses are still going well. This pandemic has to push consumers to stay connected with the business and market without interrupting the sales perspective.

As we all have moved on to 2021, we cannot change the fact that Businesses are going to struggle for well around a year as they have to make up for their losses and comebacks. But we have also realized how switching to online marketing can raise your business with a high return on investment and advertising expenditure. Seems, the true winners have been people who have chucked the traditional noise and adopted authentic, engaging, and creative messages through online marketing.

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