Digital marketing today has helped businesses with an equal opportunity to fight for customer’s attention. Modern-day businesses require the online trust of customers and it can only be achieved with the right strategies and tools. From optimizing your brand in a search engine to bringing your business to top ranks, digital marketing helps businesses to boost their sales and increases the confidence of customers.

To keep up with marketing today, we are presenting the top digital marketing tools in 2021 to uplift your brand, business, or company.


A highly effective and all-rounder digital marketing tool, SEMRUSH is all about improving your SEO strategy, performing keyword research, position tracking, and identifying backlink opportunities. It helps businesses to generate more prospects by having information that enhances the overall site ranking and improves conversion rate.


Canva is a great and well-suited user-friendly social media tool to create professional-looking graphics and It’s easy to size photos for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram. From helping an individual to add different text elements very easily to creating social images, CTA buttons, and infographics for free, Canva is a perfect tool for every beginner who doesn’t have access to more advanced platforms like Photoshop. It can also save you a lot of bucks of hiring a social media agency australia in the beginning.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have digital marketing tool that makes it easier for businesses to track traffic and know which pages and content are getting more viewed. It will also help in knowing how your customers are engaging with your site through insights. It also helps businesses to easily compare product performance for e-commerce sites and give reports to the client about every product sale. So when you are looking to increase your understanding of analytics, there is nothing better than Google Analytics.


Mailchimp is the most powerful digital marketing tool in the email service providing market and has an absolute giant marketing space based on the size of your email list. It helps you to create landing pages and surveys. It also enables you to compare your response in terms of the number of clicks and how many recipients have unsubscribed. So, if you’re new to digital marketing tools or email in general, MailChimp represents a great starting point for your business.

Visual Website Optimizer

A/B testing is the essential part of digital marketing which helps you to increase conversion without spending on acquiring new traffic. Visual Website Optimizer streamlines the process for anyone who has a website and needs to test different options before making a real business decision. You can quickly see which version of your site is the clear winner in terms of clicks and conversions. Hence, it helps businesses by educating the marketing team on what works and what doesn’t.

Why Online Presence?

With such a large selection of digital marketing tools, it is essential to know which ones truly drive results. So now that you are all set with the top tools for your business and marketing, slay your 2021.Note: If you’re struggling to develop a digital marketing solution for your business, connect with the best digital agency Australia or simply visit today.