Hashtags were started in 2009 though Twitter and has become an essential source of social media. Using hashtags will help you to connect or find a specific topic, event, theme or conversation. When you put a hashtag on a post, it will add a hyperlink to it that allows users to click on it and see the posts.  When it comes to YouTube hashtags it enables a user to search for videos related to their interest. Being the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube has the largest online video database in the world.

Like the other three social media platforms, YouTube uses hashtags to make related content easier to view in a single location, allowing you to find the best content for your requirements. As YouTube has limited number of tags that an individual can include, adding most vital keyword phrases on priority and adding specific multi-word tags later would be more that are easier to rank your video.

How to add hashtags for your YouTube SEO?

Adding YouTube is as easy as adding a video description and video title. You just have to add your hashtags on the video description and uploading the video. This allows you to see the hashtags above the video.  Make sure that the hashtags you use should truly reflect the content that your users would expect after typing their words in the search bar.

Another main reason why hashtags are added in the YouTube platform is because YouTube wants its users to avoid misleading and offensive content, as per their new policies. It allow users to access more quality, informative, and authoritative content. You can even hire a youtube advertising agency australia to begin your video marketing.

How to optimize for YouTube’s algorithm

YouTube is essentially a search engine for videos that uses a sophisticated ranking algorithm to surface content to viewers. Gaining following or ranking your videos higher in YouTube search include uploading fresh contents with high user engagement and relevant concept.

Metadata is Vital

Metadata is all about including information about the particular video that includes description, tags and annotations. It helps your video stand out to get easily found by the algorithm and this lets content creators to optimize metadata to maximize visibility.


To create an effective metadata to help your videos, you should also monitor your competitors to help your video get SEO optimized with YouTube’s algorithm. Don’t forget to cross check your keywords, tags, title, description and custom thumbnail ready to go before you press the upload button.

 keyword research

When trying to finding right keywords on YouTube, you should also use more traditional keyword research tools. This helps in categorizing your video by keyword, but it limits the number of tags you can include.

Our Recommendation

Hashtags are an important element of social media and YouTube is a very useful platform that adds another degree of searchability in users and brands. So now that you are all set with why Marketers should start focusing on YouTube Hashtag Optimization, it’s time to create video-based contents for your business and marketing. If you have questions and inquiries about YouTube SEO and SEO in general, connect with the best digital agency Australia to keep your online game strong.