Most Australian businesses small or large already have a web presence. Those who don’t are reaching out to web design agencies. If you too are thinking about having a website, it helpful to understand the difference between a standard and bespoke design.

A bespoke website is unique and is created ground-up instead of using a standard theme that is used by hundreds of other websites. Online Presence is a leading bespoke website design company in australia that offers bespoke web development. Here are the reasons why so many Australian businesses choose us.

1# Focus on Creating Website Design to Meet Business Goals

There are countless design options available that can make your website look stunning. However, a bespoke website is developed keeping your specific business processes in mind. The visitors coming to the website should be able to complete the entire transaction effortlessly

At Online Presence, our focus is on creating a website design that delivers superior customer experience and helps you build a brand. It helps you to meet business goals.

2# Conversion Oriented Website

A beautiful website design is just that – another showpiece. However, businesses deciding to go with expensive bespoke design want their website to drive conversions from the visitors coming to the website to find answers to their queries

The conversion goals vary by industry –

  • Media websites look for more page views, ad-views, newsletter subscription, and content engagement.
  • E-commerce site look at add-to-carts, completed transaction rate, product sales, and email signups.
  • Websites in Travel domain look for more bookings, and other additional conversions.
  • B2B business are looking to generate more leads.

At Online Presence, we understand your industry first and create web designs that are focussed on converting visitors to customers.

3# Portfolio of Projects

The best way to gauge the capabilities of an agency is to have a look at the projects undertaken by it. Those agencies who have undertaken projects for bespoke design showcase their capabilities on their website. Such agencies are open and transparent about their previous projects and display their achievements.

Online Presence is a premier web development company in Australia, and we have undertaken several projects that helped customers grow business. We have capabilities and skill sets to deliver a website that brings more conversions. You can see our portfolio of website here.

4# In the Business for Long

An agency that been in the business for the past many years has seen the technology evolving. They know how to create designs that convert and which technology would be the best. However, it also requires that the agency has been in the business for the past many years.

At Online Presence, we have spent years in the industry and have seen new technologies emerge. From e-commerce solution to industry specific ones, we have delivered them successfully. We know what Australian businesses look for and adapt the designs to your specific business goals.

5# Timely Delivery of Project

Another key aspect that needs special attention is the time taken to complete the project by the agency. It’s best to find out what is the tentative time taken by the agency to deliver a project of similar complexity.

At Online Presence, we follow a customer-centric approach. Our client interaction team members regularly update you about the progress in your project. We ensure that every project that we undertake is delivered within the desired time frame.

6# Regular Communication

Will the agency keep you updated about the progress made in the project regularly? It’s crucial to find out how the website development agency takes your input into consideration. A bespoke website is all about your business, and that’s why your inputs and design considerations come at the top.

Online Presence is a website design agency focussed on its customers. We ensure that the design and the development go ahead as per your consideration. The website design meets your branding and business goals. Our client interaction team regularly communicates with you to take your feedbacks.

7# Focus on Responsive Design

Even Google ranks the responsive website higher that those that are not. A website developed with audience accessibility in mind need to be responsive too.

At Online Presence, we ensure that every website we create is responsive and optimised for high page load speed.

Online Presence – Premier Website Design Company in Australia

We have successfully delivered customised web development projects that helped owners grow their business online. Our e-commerce web solution focuses on setting up online stores.

However, as full-service custom web development agency in Australia, our design also digital marketing friendly. It is search engine friendly and helps you to link your social media presence through the icons.

Every business has unique needs, and that’s why we discuss and understand your vision about the business and expectations from the website.

Speak to one of our consultants and find out what a bespoke website can do for your business.