B2B marketing strategy for your business might struggle to generate leads when SEO doesn’t perform. B2B SEO solution is what you need to get results – more organic traffic to your website, and more leads from the website.

Online Presence is considered as the best digital marketing agency in Australia because we create a B2B SEO strategy that delivers results. Here is how it works.

1# Targeting the Right Personas – Who Begins The Buying Cycle?

Audience personas are the very foundation of any marketing strategy. If there are no personas, there is no audience to target, and the chances of success are also feeble. Who is the person that will initiate the buying cycle for your products or services? What he will search? Which types of content he consumes and where? What other products he is looking at? How will the product be eventually used?

At Online Presence, our experts begin with finding answers to these questions. It helps us find the target the right audience, identify the commonly used search queries, and content types, and also the key markets to focus on.

2# Identifying the Right Keywords – Who Searches For What During The Purchase Process?

There could be more than one people involved in purchasing the product you are selling. Everyone plays a specific role, and they use search queries to find relevant information about your products or services before making the eventual purchase.

Keyword research involves identifying the right long tail keywords with a clear intent. Moreover, we target keywords with good search volume for which there is better possibility of getting high rank on SERP.

Our experts also take into consideration the keywords for which the competitors are ranking to prepare a final list of premium keywords for your industry.

3# Mapping the Keywords – Grouping Search Queries Along Buying Journey

The primary goal of the B2B SEO content strategy is to generate leads for the business. To reach this end goal, your webpages, blogs, etc. should appear for the targeted keywords when various personas are searching for the information.

Their search intent could be:

  • Informational – the person is looking for additional information about your product or service.
  • Commercial Investigation – the person has moved ahead in the buying cycle and is investigating your products or services against other options and arrive at a final decision.
  • Transactional – the person is ready to make a final decision, our buy the product.

A buying funnel consists of three key stages – awareness, consideration and conversion. Our SEO experts map the online buying funnel with keywords as per their search intent.

  • Awareness – Informational keywords
  • Consideration – Commercial investigation keywords
  • Conversion – Transactional keywords

As the best digital marketing agency, we always focus on what would work for your business.

4# Creating Content That Satisfies the Search Intent – B2B Content Strategy

Now it’s time to create content that the targeted personas prefer to read. Our expert writers create the most relevant content types that includes – product and service pages, website blogs, and other downloadable resources.

A comprehensive content strategy ensures that the product pages are able to satisfy the intent of the person with a well-researched content with relevant facts and figures. At Online Presence, our experts create content with optimised titles. We also optimise the product and service pages that convince the person to take desired action – free demo, trial etc.

Some key content types that we focus on are – case studies, videos, e-books, presentations, white papers, expert guides, newsletter signups etc.

5# Making The Content Visible at High Ranking on SERP – Ongoing Link Building

Even the best written content is useless if it fails to create an impression at a high rank on the 1st page of Google SERP. Your products and service pages, blogs and other content must appear to the relevant audience personas who are searching for targeted keywords.

Our SEO outreach specialists work on creating backlinks through time-tested ways – guest posting, free downloadable and creating content on authoritative websites in your industry.

6# Making Website Pages Search Friendly – On-Page and Technical Optimisation

Google and other search engines also focus on giving the best experience to their users. They also provide some guidelines on how to optimise the web pages. Moreover, we also list you on Google and other relevant sites to perform well for local search.

At Online Presence, we optimise your website following the search engine guidelines. It includes optimising the page content, tags, images, page speed etc. We also improve the technical aspects that makes your website load quickly in response to a targeted keyword on the search engine.

7# Getting Results and Making Improvements

B2B SEO strategy takes time to show results. It’s different from paid advertising that gives results quickly. Instead, once we have optimised the website, it will be crawled, indexed, and ranked by Google afresh. It is time-taking and hence the results show up usually within 3-6 months.

However, once the website ranks for the targeted keywords, the results are long-lasting. Our experts continue to improve the website and also provide regular reports.

Why Trust Online Presence for B2B Lead Generation?

We are considered the best SEO company in Australia because we follow a highly focussed approach. Our B2B SEO strategies are proven, and your website will rank prominently on Google and other search engines.

But we don’t stop just there! As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can augment your brand presence on social media and use paid advertising to deliver quick results.

Still need to know more about how B2B SEO works to deliver results?

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