Facebook Ads help to achieve any business objective with predictable metrics. Any small business that wants quick results from a highly targeted audience should expect better results from an ad campaign with ‘Reach’ objective.

Online Presence is Facebook advertising company whose experts create an ad campaign that delivers real results. We do this by ascertaining your priorities and then making the right

We are a Facebook Advertising Agency that Increases Your Brand’s Reach

As a small business with limited budget to spend on the ads, you need expert-hands to craft the perfect ad strategy to reach the desired audience and get more sales.

We understand this, and our ad – strategy begins with the right objective – Reach.

An ad campaign created with ad objective is visible to maximum number of people in the desired audience while staying withing your budget. If you are looking to reach an audience in a particular business location, our experts will customise the strategy and make the ad visible in the desired location.

‘Reach’ Ad Objective – Reach out to the audience nearby

Here are some examples to clarify the benefits of ad campaign with reach objective.

Example 1 – A restaurant looking to get more orders from nearby served locations

The pandemic has forced many restaurants to closure. However, those that flourished have a digital strategy in place to reach out to the audience and provide contactless order delivery.

Facebook Ad campaign is the right strategy to achieve this business goal. Here is how the ad – strategy looks like for chosen products.

  • Products – Pizza, Burger and Garlic Bread Combo (Meal for 2).
  • Objective – Reach out to audience in nearby served locations.
  • Targeted Audience – Young audience in serviced locations
  • Displayed Format – Carousel that shows all selected products together.
  • Appearance – Feed and other places.
  • Platforms – Facebook, Instagram.

Our experts ensure that the ad is shown at the optimal time when it will most likely to get traction from the audience. It also helps to make the best use of the budget.

Example 2 – A dental practice that wants to announce its presence in nearby locations

A newly opened dental clinic that wants to announce its presence to the people living in locations within 5-10KM radius or more can benefit from Facebook Ad campaign with Reach objective. Here is how the ad-strategy looks like for various services.

  • Service Selected – Tooth Whitening
  • Objective – Reach out to audience within 5-10KM radius and announce the FREE tooth whitening service.
  • Target Audience – Mid-age and elderly.
  • Displayed Format – Carousel that shows FREE offer along with Tooth whitening benefits.
  • Appearance – Feed and other places.
  • Platforms – Facebook, Instagram.

Our Ad Experts at Online Presence make sure that your ad is shown at the optimal time in a duration when the relevant audience is available and can also respond to it. We make the best use of your ad-budget and ensure that desired results are there.

Why Do You Need a Facebook or Instagram Advertising Company?

That’s a common question that many of our customers ask. Well, the answer is – you need to make changes to ad-strategy to get the results. So, there may well be several campaigns running in parallel in the beginning.

The most successful campaign is the one that generates the responses – we usually keep that one running and rest others are stopped.

When Online Presence facebook marketing company manages your Facebook Ad campaign, we manage its every aspect. We create the various ad copies with different messaging. We also create the offer that your ad will show at the time the campaign is running.

Our team of experts also makes the required tweaks to the campaign and ensures that the most successful campaign delivers the expected results.

Online Presence – Facebook Ads Agency Trusted by Australian Brands

We have helped numerous Australian businesses reach desired audience and get more conversions with Facebook Ads. Our Ad strategists do the research on your products and create the perfect message and the offer for the ad.

At Online Presence, we make every effort to ensure that your rad campaign is a success and delivers the results that you are expecting. We research your audience and create a campaign with the suitable objective to deliver results. Our team makes the optimal use of your ad-budget by running the campaign at optimal time and in right frequency.

However, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer search engine marketing as well to get results from local searches.

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