Expanding business online can be challenging when you don’t have a website. Undoubtedly, there are various digital channels to promote your business on the internet, however, a website is at the core of every digital marketing effort.

When it comes to new website there are two options: bespoke / custom websites or template-based/ theme-based sites.

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Read on to learn the prime differences between the two and, more importantly, understand which option is right for your business.

What is Theme Based Website?

A theme / template-based sites are a pre-built, simple, generic and affordable way to build a website. These pages incorporate templates and content (images, text videos, etc.). It is ideal for those companies that want to create a ‘brochure’ website and provide basic info of services or products and contact information.

Theme-based websites are ready-to-use sites and are coded with HTML and CSS, implying you can easily manage the site without any external help. Although templates need little customisation, you can change colours, fonts, and even content or visuals as per the need of the brand.

Online Presence offers web templates that have varieties of designs suitable for every business type.

Pros and Cons of Theme Based Website

Let’s understand how does its simplistic design approach outweigh its benefits.


Easy to Function – One great thing about the template-based website is that you don’t need to be a programming expert to customise a web template. Most small business website owners like the templates-based site since it has drag-and-drop tools for altering web elements.

Budget-Friendly – Probably one of the main reasons businesses choose template designs is its cost. Here, the website is easy to build and offer affordable web page design solution as the cost of development tends to be low.

Ready to use – You can easily set up your template designs, and it is ready to launch in a matter of days. As mentioned earlier, in template-based sites, all the codes are prewritten, reducing the design complexity and reducing the time of rigorous testing.


Poor User Experience – Though websites are enticing, the main issue is that it lacks the efficiency, pleasure, and excitement that a user searches in a website. In a simple way, it lacks to influence people to explore more.

No uniqueness – One of the common issues with template design is that it is not unique even if the colours and contents are different. You might use the same design that your competitor is using. Therefore, you’ll need to consider a better approach to stand out.

What is a Bespoke/ Custom Website?

A bespoke website means that your website is customised and designed by bespoke web design agency experts as per your specific business needs. It is highly preferred by established business website owners to drive high traffic and generate qualified leads and sales.

Developing and designing a bespoke website creates your business’s unique identity and ensure that the company’s brand grows amongst the audience. Moreover, with customised sites, you have the flexibility to meet future business goals without any hassle.

Online Presence, a renowned custom website development agency, will work with you at every stage to build a unique design and improve your web experience from design to functionality.

Pros and Cons of Bespoke/ Custom Web Development

Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke web development to see that all that effort is justified.


Unique and Customisable – One prime advantage of creating a bespoke site is highly customisable. It can be highly suitable for your business model of any size. With the help of experts, you can add unique features, layouts and functions to stand out your business above the rest.

SEO Ready – At the end of the day, every business wants to rank at the top of search engines. Bespoke sites allow the installation of variable plugins that maximise your site’s functionality, resulting in better search engine rank.

Secure – Security is an excellent feature because Google also penalises websites that do not have an SSL certificate. For an established company’s website, security is crucial to protect the website’s data. The bespoke website ensures that your site is password-protected from potential hackers.


Costlier – Creating a website from inception is an evolving process. It needs a team of experts and is a lot more expensive than a template-based site. It can be more costly, but the investment can pay off thanks to its better performance.

Time Taking – A bespoke site is time-consuming to build. That’s because it needs lots of designing, coding, and testing. However, once the site is completed, it won’t need further upgrades and is SEO-ready.

Theme Based Design Site or Bespoke Web Design Website: Which is best?

By now, you might have understood that each web design has its own advantages. Template sites are affordable and quick to represent your online presence. But if you don’t want to compromise on quality, user-friendliness and professional image, choose a bespoke web design site.

However, based on budget and available timeframe, businesses choose what is best for them. Although a bespoke site has several advantages over templates, selecting a design is your decision. Here are some factors that help to decide between the two – these are the company’s budget, business goals, target market, time frame, niche competition, business requirements, etc.

Partnering with Online Presence, a leading web development and design agency, can build a versatile website that influences visitors to take necessary action.

Online Presence – The right agency for your bespoke website design

As a trusted custom web development agency in Australia, we always look at your company’s objectives and offer web solutions that suit your customers’ and business needs the best. Our skilled web designers ensure that you will not pay for something you don’t really need.

Online Presence takes responsibility and creates custom web designs to enhance your audience’s web experience. We have a expert team of web developers and designers, content strategists, social media marketers, and SEO experts working together to help you attain your goals.

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