A website is an organisation’s front door for prospects. It is one of the integral marketing assets from which visitors can learn about your brand. A website with effective UI can engage them and get more conversions.

Although a theme-based website can be set up quickly and is cost-efficient but often lacks the functionalities. Customised business website design offers more flexibility. It’s simple and professional enough to give your business a good start. So, what practices you should adopt to entice potential visitors? Let’s understand from an experienced website design service provider.

Online Presence, a leading website design agency in Australia, creates websites that impress prospects in the first instance. Here are the best practices we follow to boost your online web presence.

#1 Audience Centric Website Design

A website showcases a company, services, products and ultimately the brand. Therefore, we focus on designing a website that looks visually polished and professional. We customise your website based on your audience’s needs and keep your offerings in mind. Our designs strategy includes white spaces, uncluttered layouts, quality photographs and appealing graphics that let your brand stand out in digital space.

Our team at Online Presence can implement simple and trendy web designs for your brand and influence web users to connect with products/services without any hesitance.

  • We avoid creating a cluttered site: When a visitor comes to the website, he takes only a few seconds to decide whether to explore more or leave. A cluttered web page with multiple colours and congested fonts can make a site visually confusing. On the contrary, a well-arranged design structure amplifies users’ web experience and allows them where they want to go.
  • We use soothing colours: Irregular and bold colours can make a site look clumsy. To make it a winsome website, we use calm and muted colours considering your brand logo and company’s vision and ensure that the website looks clean and minimal.

#2 Easily Readable Content

Readability is one of the key elements of web content, important for improving site search engine ranking. It is a robust web design and SEO practice that makes content easy to comprehend by the target audience. No matter how good the website content, if the readability is poor, it can impact the web ranking.

Online Presence has a team that specialises in creating interesting web content and ensures that it is readable for both audience and search engines. Here are some tips that make your web content readable.

  • Short Paragraphs: We create meaningful sentences by keeping paragraphs short – it gives readers some time to take in the information without being overwhelmed at its length. Moreover, it makes readers understand the message immediately.
  • Font Selection: For a business, font decides whether it is easy to read the site’s content. It keeps the site’s appearance simple and presentable to the audience.

#3 Mobile Friendly Web Design

From a recent survey, in the fourth quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global web traffic (Source – Statista).

Most visitors that do not find a website compatible with mobile devices won’t recommend it to others. More Australians are browsing and shopping on mobile and tablets, and they prefer a website that works well on their smartphone. We create responsive web design so that your website remains ahead of the competition in the industry.

Online Presence is a website design company with expertise in creating mobile-first web design. We ensure that you don’t miss visitors coming through mobile. Here are the strategies that improve visitors’ experience as well as SEO ranking.

  • Optimise Site for Mobile: We offer an excellent experience to users by optimising the site content so that it fit into the user’s device screen.
  • Improve Functionality: Our team creates a website that look goods on every device screen. Moreover, we optimise images, videos, and visuals to improve web page loading speed.

Online Presence – Australia’s Premium Website Design Company

Online Presence is rated as one of the top web agencies in Australia by several review sites. We have a balanced team of award-winning web designers and developers that can help increase business conversion and revenue with their strategic plan.

We are one stop solution for our clients’ digital marketing needs. We have Google certified digital marketers who work hard to deliver results in-line with your vision. We offer services, including SMO, SEO, SEM, PPC Ads, and web developing and designing.

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