A website’s landing page is usually the first original point of contact between the audience and the brand. Its role is to entice the focused audience and turn them into loyal customers. Based on your business objectives, choosing different landing pages can help optimise the brand’s digital presence and boost campaign performance.

Online Presence is a leading web design agency with expertise in creating landing page designs that support business goals and bring targeted traffic to the website, creating opportunities for brand interactions. Using these landing pages can increase the lead conversion rate.

#1 Squeeze Landing Page

The ultimate goal of a squeeze page is to acquire the web user’s email address. These pages incorporate relevant content or a request to an input email address so you can nurture those visitors with white letters, free trial, newsletter, e-book, or other important details. Providing users with the essential information help build long-lasting customer relationships.

Web designers at Online Presence help create a simple and easy to use landing page web design. Our team focuses on creating an irresistible CTA (call-to-action) button enough for users to click and take necessary action.

#2 Lead Capture Page

It is quite similar to squeeze pages, except it gathers more client data. The importance of this page is that it can collect extra information from potential leads like name, business name, company name, job title and industry. All this information is compiled based on your sales and marketing goals as well as the user position in the sales funnel.

Online Presence helps create a compelling lead capture page with captivating headlines that illustrate your service’s benefits. We ensure that your targeted customer lands on the landing page after showing interest in your product or service.

#3 Video Landing Page

In this type of page, the main focus is on video. Usually, this video landing page doesn’t consist of a volume or play/pause button, so viewers can only focus on the content rather than skip it. Also, the relevant embedded video content can significantly enhance conversions by 86%, and more than 80% of video marketers accepted that video had enhanced their sales. Here is how your website can benefit from a video landing page. (Source – bloghubspot.com)

  • Increased Conversions: In this type of page, the button/forms will show up only after the visitors watch the entire video. Audience who consumes that content will likely engage and eventually convert better.
  • Limited Distractions: Pages with excellent web design have a minimal distraction; it consists of promo videos, explainers, testimonial videos, and product demos which eventually reduces distraction for viewers.
  • More engagement: Adding videos is far more engaging than plain text or even images – it ultimately accelerates engagement.

Our team at Online Presence focuses on a single promotional message for video landing page marketing instead of different arguments and variety of content within the same page.

#4 Pre-launch Landing Page

Are you launching a stellar local, new product in the market but aren’t ready to unveil the entire description yet? That is where “pre-launch landing page” or so called “Coming Soon” comes into the picture. The main goal of this page is to create a buzz around a new product/service you will going to launch. This kind of page helps get early sign-ups or develop targeted demographics.

With Online Presence, you can create a tempting page where you can tease your audience with a compelling CTA and attention-grabbing product description. Our designers will create a brief one-pager on your website and offer a concise explanation of your local product.

Online Presence – Your Leading Landing Page Marketing Agency that Delivers Result

We are a dedicated landing page design agency that helps convert targeted traffic into new leads or enquiries for your business. Online Presence has accelerated the growth of small and medium-sized businesses!

From the very beginning, we collaborated with founders to test assumptions, design products, and implement effective marketing strategies. Our strategy for designing landing page improve efficiency and engagement into discrete lead capture mechanisms.

We are also Australia’s best web design agency, known for offering original content, good user experience (UX), mobile responsive sites, fast web hosting, and lead capturing campaigns. Over the past few years, we have worked with many professional industries, such as real estate, medical, technology, and online education. We create custom sites to meet their specific business goals.

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