Internet has brought businesses close to customers. They days more shoppers prefer to check out the product online before eventually making the purchase. Digital branding assumes significance when approximately 80% of the Australians have an active social media account.

Online Presence is a leading digital marketing agency in Australia that helps businesses strengthen their brand presence on the various digital channels. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services that build brand and also aims to engage your target audience for longer duration.

1# Branding Element Design

These are the elements that help to create an enticing brand identity. Logo, hero image banner, colour palette selection, are the elements that create your brand presence.

Our design experts find answers that guide them to the right design –

  • Should the design be modern or minimalist?
  • Whether it should be retro styled?

Once they fully understand the brand personality, they create several logo designs and help you choose the best.

2# Website Design and Development

A website is the online platform where the visitors from various digital channels come to know about the brand, the product, or the services that you offer. Website design is a reflection of the brand personality. There are two ways to create a website – using a standard theme or bespoke website design that is developed uniquely for your business.

Online Presence is a leading digital marketing consultant that can create an enticing brand presence with the website. Over the years, we have developed an expertise to design website that work as a brand vehicle. Your products, services and capabilities are displayed using various image formats that engage the target audience and motivates them for the desired action.

3# Brand Message

It helps to portray your brand personality in the right way to the target audience. The brand message is made of – the tagline, introductory content on the website, and the product or service descriptions.

At Online Presence, our experts position your brand in the mind of the target audience with punchy taglines, and carefully written descriptions. When the audience consumes the content, they get to believe that your products or services are the best choice.

4# Ranking Website on 1st Page of SERPs

Every day, users across the globe search of Google or Bing to get the information about the product that they need. When your website ranks in the top rank on Google for relevant search queries made by the visitors, your brand is established organically.

We have search engine optimisation (SEO) experts who create strategy to get your website in top ranks on the search engine result page. When your website ranks on the top, your brand becomes more trusted and a preferred choice for newcomers to get the products. In fact, a website that ranks on the top of SERP has a high click-through rate as compared to those that appear at the bottom of the page.

5# Growing an engaged community for your brand

Want to see your brand growing online? It’s visible on the social media pages! Most popular brands have built a large community of followers around their brand. It’s like giving your brand a celebrity status that has a fan following.

At Online Presence, we create a social media strategy only after thoroughly understanding your brand’s personality. Every social media channel is preferred by certain audiences – Facebook by retail, LinkedIn by business professionals, Instagram by females. We begin with identification of the best social media platforms for your brand. Then, we create content strategy to increase the reach of the brand and keep the audience engaged with your products, brand, company etc.

6# Developing Brand with Engaging & Shareable Content

With the advent of social media, shareable content that can go viral has the potential to popularise a newly launched product in no time. Short videos, in particular, go viral and increase the reach and engagement with the target audience.

Online Presence, is a leading digital marketing consultant with expertise in visual content marketing too. We create GIFs, slides, carousels, and videos that can easily be shared by the target audience.

Online Presence – Providing Digital Marketing Services to Grow your Brand

We offer a full range of digital services in Australia to take your brand in front of the target audience. Our efforts result in increased reach and more engagement across the various channels.

Our experts are certified, and our designers are creative enough to give your brand a significant boost it needs to catch the eye of the target audience.

Want to grow your brand and gain mind share of your target audience?

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