The revenue from e-commerce is set to reach USD 32.3 billion in 2024 making Australia 11th largest e-commerce market. – (Source –

Having an e-commerce website make a lot of sense. However, the first thing that you need is an e-commerce strategy for your business. It should address the two aspects: creating the right presence and digital marketing.

Online Presence is a leading web design company in Australia having a dedicated capability for e-commerce. We help you in choosing the best e-commerce platform for you endeavour. Our team of web developers will ensure that online business presence is ready as desired. Moreover, we are a full-fledged digital marketing agency that helps to promote your e-commerce website online. If you are planning to choose an e-commerce agency, here are some tips.

1# Look for an agency that understands your business

Is the agency that you are considering interested in fully understanding your business? The first thing any agency should take is to learn about the store products and what you want to achieve with your online store.

At Online Presence we understand the importance of research that goes in understanding the products range, how they are shipped, priced, about the returns and so on. Our team conducts regular meetings to get the full details needed to create your online store.

2# Offer choice of e-commerce platforms

An online store run on an e-commerce platform. There are several platforms out there, and picking the right one is not an easy task. You need to discuss with the agency’s team about the pros and cons of every platform, and then select one that suits the best for your online business.

At Online Presence, our team makes extensive discussions about the platform choice. We have the technical capabilities for various platforms and are capable of developing e-commerce website on Shopify, Magento, etc.

3# Look for their clients and expertise

It is crucial to check the proficiency of the web development agency in delivering the project. If the agency has delivered a similar kind of project in the past, it is best to have a closer look at it. You can get better idea of the competence of the agency.

Online Presence is a leading Australian web design company that has the expertise in various e-commerce platforms. We ensure that various products make their way to the platform, and they are visible to the visitors. Our team has done a remarkable job with some clients, and we can share the portfolio as and when needed.

4# Is it a local agency?

One of the big challenges with agencies beyond border is accessibility. If you want to meet any of the team, it can be challenging. A local agency with its office presence in the country makes you comfortable while interacting.

Online Presence has its offices in Australia. We are a local agency with our development centre located offshore. Our team is always available to meet and discuss your ideas and suggestion as we work to materialise your vision for the website.

5# Consider the budget and costs

It is crucial to have a clear discussion on the budget as well as the costs. How the development costs will be charged needs to be clarified at the very beginning. If there are any additional costs that may be levied, have to clarified by the agency.

At Online Presence, we discuss the costs at the very beginning and clarify what will be included. We also clarify about any extra costs that may arise due to the complexity of the project. However, there are no hidden costs levied in any way.

6# Discuss the approach & delivery schedule

Which approach will be followed by the agency? Will there be a dedication project manager who will regularly interact and communicate to get requirements and provide the updates? Answers to these questions help in getting the assurance that your project will be completed successfully.

It’s where Online Presence take the lead. We’ll assign a project manager right from the first day of discussion. He will create a road map for completion and will also create a schedule for delivery.

Online Presence – Leader in Australia’s Web Development Space

When it comes to e-commerce, we are the leaders in delivering projects across various platforms. Our team has expertise in delivering end-to-end results – creating your online store and promoting it on the internet.

So, if you are looking for a trusted e-commerce web development agency, you can rely on us for timely delivery and successful completion.

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