Keyword ranking is a metric that’s over-stressed while measuring SEO performance. Undoubtedly, gauging the rank on SERP is crucial, but problems arise when it becomes the only metric for measuring SEO success.

Measuring KPIs that have a business impact is more sensible and also takes into account the leads and conversions. Online Presence is a leading SEO agency in Australia that focuses on delivering business growth to its clients.

SEO service from Online Presence is different and here it is why!

1# Focus on Business Impact of SEO

While keyword ranking is always a SEO priority, but Google’s algorithm is user focussed. It also considers the location of user while displaying the result. Moreover, it takes into account information of the user to show personalised results.

Location Effect on Search Results: A search for ‘cheese pizza medium’ will show different results in different cities.

Personalisation Effect on Search Results: A search for ‘leather purse’ will show different results for male and female profiles.

At Online Presence, our search engine experts understand these finer points while creating a SEO strategy for your business. Majority of searches are long-tail keywords. These keywords are not just easy to rank for, but also tend to drive highly targeted traffic to the website. Hence, we create a SEO strategy that’s less obsessed about ranking for competitive keywords and focuses on powerful long-tail keywords.

2# KPI Driven Success Measurement

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) track the SEO performance in a comprehensive way. The KPIs we work to improve are:

Organic Traffic

It measures how many visitors came to the website as a result of organic search query. Increase in organic traffic shows that there is a significant rise in the number of visitors coming to the website.

Web Page Rankings

The ranking of the site’s pages on the SERP is an indicator that the website is well optimised and offers value in response to the search query. Google Search Console clearly shows how many impressions a keyword on the website generated, where the website ranks on them, and whether users are clicking through to visit the page.

Page Load Speed

Google’s ranking algorithm considers page load speed as a ranking factor. Slow loading pages give poor user experience. Google wants to deliver the best user experience to its users so it doesn’t rank them. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, most likely the visitor will move to another site – lower the click-through-rate. At Online Presence, we use Google Page Speed Insights to measure the page load speed on mobile and desktop devices.

Session Duration (Avg.)

The more engaging the content of the website, the longer a visitor searching the answer for the query stays on the website. It’s an important metric that indicates the quality of the content on the website that motivates the reader to stay on the page, read the content and visit the links that take it to the other relevant pages on the website.

Bounce Rate

It’s a metric that measures the number of sessions (in percentage) in which a visitor comes to the page, but exits without taking any further action. It is arrived at by dividing the total number of sessions with non-interactive sessions. A typical bounce rate varies between 40-60 per cent, which means that half of the sessions are likely to end without any action. Google ranks those pages that are relevant to the search query and less likely to have a high bounce rate.

Leads and Conversions

SEO is considered the most reliable form of organic business growth. The leads and conversions from organic SEO efforts is a measure of success. Moreover, SEO is considered as low-cost way long-term alternative to paid campaigns that are costly and deliver result only during the campaign period.

As a premier SEO company in Melbourne, we ensure that you get the results from SEO which are measurable and deliver business growth instead of ‘high rank obsession’.

3# Flexibility to Choose the Right SEO Service

Every business is unique in scale, focus and the audience it wants to reach. Your search for SEO service in Melbourne ends at Online Presence. We offer entire range – SMB SEO, Enterprise SEO, Global SEO, and Ecommerce SEO services, that meet the scale of your business and nature of the website.

Online Presence – Australia’s Leader In Digital Marketing Services

We have transformed digital presence of several Australian businesses for better – enriched website for higher rank on search engines, better branding on social media, and conversions that increase revenue.

Online Presence isn’t like any other SEO agency in Australia. Instead, we work as your digital growth partner and follow a customer – centric approach to grow your business across different digital channels.