E-commerce will only grow in the years to come. As per Statista, the user penetration will be 74.7 percent in 2022 with revenues expected to reach USD 43 billion. For Australian e-commerce website owners, there is a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped.

However, the question is how to go about boosting the sales online?

The answer is ‘E-commerce SEO’ !

It’s undoubtedly the best way to boost the sales of the products listed on your website. Online Presence, a trusted name for e-commerce SEO in Australia that creates and implements SEO strategies to get your website more traffic and conversions. Here are the ways e-commerce SEO will help take your products off the shelf.

1# Identification of Trending Products

An e-commerce website may have products ranging in hundreds or even more. However, there are some products that are more in demand than others. Seasonal demand, and special events or holidays, make some products trending.

Our team closely work with you to identify these products using Google Trends and other tools. Once this list of products is finalised, we begin working on optimising the website to boost their sales.

2# Create a Result-Oriented SEO Strategy

Sales is an outcome of a result-driven SEO strategy that focuses on increasing the conversions. It focuses on ranking product pages that eventually delivers results –

  • Product related keyword research
  • Optimisation of product pages
  • Improving backlink profile
  • Tracking results

Keyword research has a significant-role to play in e-commerce SEO. Our experts identify product related long-tail keywords that have a commercial intent. Getting top rank on the SERP increases the traffic on the product pages and also boosts conversions.

Optimisation of product pages has many aspects to it. If your e-commerce website has been created using a package (e.g., Shopify, Magento, etc.) there are plugins that do the technical tasks. However, our experts create an optimised product description content that contains product related keywords.

On-page optimisation is done to the extent possible by the package. It also includes image optimisation, title, meta and other description that will make the product page search engine friendly. Image optimisation in e-commerce SEO assumes significance as multiple images of the product are uploaded to the page.

Our experts create image file name containing keywords that search engines can easily understand. The ‘alt’ tag for the image is also optimised. Reducing the size of the image also affects the page load speed.

Off-page optimisation focuses on building external links to the website. That’s where our content marketing efforts come to the fore. We have an expert team which creates content – articles, blogs, guest posts etc.

As the backlink profile of the website improves, the product pages also begin to rank prominently. There is more traffic to the pages and the conversions also increase.

There are several other technical SEO aspects that we improve to boost the site speed, optimise the conversion rate. At Online Presence, the focus of our e-commerce SEO strategy is to rank those product pages that are already in trend or demand. In this way, there is a direct impact on the revenue generated.

3# Reducing Cost of Paid Advertisements

SEO is an organic strategy for online growth – which means that there is no advertisement cost involved. If you have been focussing primarily on paid ads to enhance the sales or the conversions, you would have realised that running the campaign is expensive. Moreover, the cost is higher if the keywords are competitive in nature.

However, with a bit of planning, and use of e-commerce SEO, it’s possible to reduce the paid ad expenses. Online Presence also provides services of google ad agency but as an e-commerce solution provider we take a balanced approach, work towards reducing the overall costs for our clients.

Online Presence – Ecommerce SEO Agency In Australia You Can Rely On

Australian e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace, and it will continue to attract online stores. We have helped several online stores to get desired growth from search engine optimisation.

Our service for e-commerce SEO in Australia ensures that your website ranks prominently for various product related searches – those that are trending and also that are not. Moreover, we also ensure that your paid ad expenses are also reduced significantly.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can also build your e-commerce brand on social media. It helps to more visibility from a more active social audience.

Discuss your requirements with our experts, and we’ll create an e-commerce SEO solution for your website. We are premier SEO agency in Australia you can trust. 


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