LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the powerful social media channels for B2B marketers. It is globally used for making professional networks and forming new connections with prospects, clients and business partners. A reliable social media marketing services strategy can help you establish a brand, boost website traffic, and help you gain a competitive edge in your industry.

With more than 6.5 million Australian population present on LinkedIn in 2022 – it becomes an excellent opportunity for marketers to share business information to targeted users across the platform. (Source –

Online Presence, as a leading social media marketing company, with focus on promoting brand on LinkedIn to target an audience within a specified timeframe.

Read on to learn how social media agencies help build your brand on LinkedIn.

#1 Set-up and Optimisation of LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is one of the elements that a user may see in first place on LinkedIn. An enticing business profile on popular social sites like LinkedIn creates an effective brand presence, making your organisation seem more reliable and trustworthy globally.

As a leading social media agency, Online Presence sets up and optimise your company’s LinkedIn profile. Our team focuses on a few points that your prospects want to know, such as what you do, who you are, and why you do it.

So, here is what we do?

Add a detailed company description: When a user wants to know about your company, he may straight go to your home page. We add a catchy description within 156 words to provide people with a better understanding of your company.

Add a location: Adding a physical location on a business profile can benefit both your prospects who want to work with you and candidates looking for local jobs. Moreover, it makes your business look more trustable.

Add company speciality: When we add the company’s specialities in the form of hashtags on your company profile – it will help people find your business much easier.

#2 Develop a Robust LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Once the profile has been set-up as a social media marketing agency our focus shifts towards identifying the marketing objectives. A proper LinkedIn marketing strategy dramatically enhances brand awareness and drive new prospects.

Marketing in LinkedIn is different from any other social platform. For instance, Instagram and Twitter marketing needs more focus on fostering engagement and business brand awareness. In contrast, LinkedIn is better suited for specific business goals that can significantly enhance your brand when you start to expand.

Online Presence team believes in building smart goals that are measurable, specific, relevant and time-bound. They work towards your targeted goals that lead to higher chances of success. Here is our team’s marketing strategy.

Sharing Valuable Content: Our team adopts an effective LinkedIn content strategy to skyrocket your brand. We post long-form content that encourages the lead generation and promote business goals.

Post Informative visuals and videos: Videos and visuals bring maximum user engagement. Consequently, we adopt videos for most B2B and B2C companies to boom their business marketing strategy.

#3 Track Your LinkedIn Analytics

When it comes to getting insights about LinkedIn strategy, a social media agency will perform analytics for you. The agency has a deep understanding of what LinkedIn strategy works best for a business. However, LinkedIn has an in-built analytics tool that can help get valuable information about how successful is your LinkedIn effort.

LinkedIn follower trend changes over time, and a reliable social media agency will check whether the published content can entice new followers. As a leading social media team, Online Presence monitors company updates, page views, unique views, visitor demographics, and increased follower lists to analyse gaps in your marketing strategy.

Under the visitor analytics section, our team track the following elements:

Page Views: It will help analyse what type of page or how many pages are visiting your profile over a period of time, which you can modify as per your preference.

Unique Views: Here, we examine who checks your page, exits out, and returns later.

Visitor Demographics: It helps analyse which section of people are visiting, and it allows you to break down to whom your content and page are attracting.

Along with other analytics, we compare company’s data from its competitor – it helps decide on the priorities to take action on.

Why Should You Make Online Presence Your LinkedIn Marketing Team?

As a trusted social media marketing company in Australia and Ecommerce Seo Agency, help you connect with global business professionals via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Our team understands every company’s needs are different; that is the reason we don’t believe in generating cookie-cutter marketing campaigns.

We help create a robust network conducive to sharing and receiving resources, tips and industry knowledge. Companies across the globe choose because of these reasons:

Customised marketing strategy to attain business goals.

A dedicated manager to lead and manage marketing strategy.

Unique and engaging content and visuals.

Detailed monthly reports with gaps and opportunity analysis.

If you’re ready to start your marketing journey and grow your brand on LinkedIn, then reach out to us.

Reach our specialist via our social media page, or call us at 02 8350 6927 to speak directly!