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Visual Marketing

  • Most effective platform to showcase every product in the entire product range.
  • Visitors can search products and view each one from different viewpoints.

Increase Brand Awareness

  • Claiming space on Pinterest enhances the brand presence and awareness about the brand.
  • Engaging content with relevant hashtags grows brand and popular Pins can be advertised for better results.

Discover Trends

  • Pinterest Trends offer insights into the target market with the latest trends.
  • Data can be useful to decide about the product that can yield better results.

Audience Growth

  • Maximum exposure to a massive user base that is interested in shopping and looking for inspiration to purchase.
  • Access to audience spread across the younger generation and men and women who are avid shoppers.

More Traffic

  • Reach out to newer audience and drive them to your website.
  • Increase customer engagement and interact with potential buyers to drive in more business.


How Pinterest Marketing Increases Business Value?

  • Showcase Brand- Get a huge audience base with same interest and hobbies to introduce your brand.
  • Connect and Engage- Discover and share new ideas with curated storyboards and pins.
  • Promotion- Promote your product through Pinterest SEO and promoted pins.


Tailor-made Campaigns

High Quality Sales

Tap New Markets

Drive Traffic

Long-Term growth

Why Online Presence?


Pinterest Marketing

We create your brand’s custom avatar after thorough planning and market research.

Pinterest Profile Set-up

Creates your Pinterest account and promotes brand with customized pins for products.

Creative Content

Our team creates quality for visually engaging pins along with custom copywriting to enhance customer reach.

Profile Optimization

Optimization of your existing profile with right pins and re-pins and follow relevant boards and people.

Promoted Pins

Use of Pinterest ads and promoted pins to spread word on other social media platforms.


How does Pinterest Marketing work?

We start with a Pinterest business profile and create boards. Various products and services with images and videos are pinned to the appropriate boards. The uploaded images go with a keyword rich description and relevant hashtags. Online Presence is a Pinterest advertising agency in Sydney that can launch your profile in the right way with expertise.

How can you help me drive engagement for my followers?

We at Online Presence strongly believe that right engagement can fuel sales. Our team ensures that visitors follow your Pinterest account because of its immersive content and the value it adds. The results are clearly visible when the account begins to grow with a true fan following for your brand.

Can I make money on Pinterest?

Yes. We can get your audience to take action with strong CTAs on eye-catching pins. Pinterest’s ads also go a long in increasing revenues. Online Presence Australia’s leading Pinterest ads agency that can help you establish brand on various online platforms.

What benefit does Pinterest give my business over other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter?

Pinterest has a high content livability, which means pins or other posted content live for long. Facebook posts and tweets stay alive only for a few minutes Thus, pins will be far more accessible to the audience than Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram posts or updates.

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