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Online Presence is a renowned SEO company in Sunshine Coast that helps customers to reach and engage their target audience. We have earned accolades worldwide and are recognised as an established provider of customised digital marketing services to clients big and small across different industries.

Our dedicated team of experts who works on delivering sustainable SEO results by implementing ‘White Hat’ SEO practices. We ensure that our SEO strategy sends a positive signal and enables the search engines to identify you as a trusted business. We follow the Google guidelines and work on creating a better engagement rate for your brand across different digital channels to rank high on search engines.

We offer affordable Local SEO in sunshine coast that help native internet users to find your business in one click. Nearly 46 per cent of Google searches are related to local information and 80 per cent of these search convert into sales. That’s why our SEO specialists make efforts to develop comprehensive strategies to get your website rank on top for local searches.  

At Online Presence, our professionals work on the latest SEO tactics to create and execute tailor-made strategies for each client. We focus on providing cost-effective service that gets more web traffic for targeted keywords, high-quality leads, better conversion, brand promotion and improved sales growth.  

We Bring Your Website on Top of Search Results!


Increase Online Reach

Increase Online Reach

A website that finds a position in the top ten organic results on the Google is implementing the right SEO strategy. We target high-ranking keywords suitable for your website, that might be searched by the potential audience. It helps to boost site ranking in SERPs.   
Seamless Flexibility

Seamless Flexibility

We have a closely-knit team that develops SEO strategy and executes it to perfection. However, whenever there are strategic changes needed, we are flexible enough to make them. Our SEO strategy is meant to boost your website rank and we change it to accommodate latest trends.
Saves Time

Saves Time

SEO is a long-term process that requires persistence in effort, research and hard work. You can rely on us. Our team of professionals manage your SEO campaign so that you can focus on core business activities that need more attention. So, use the time to plan new business initiatives.   
Generate Quality Leads

Generate Quality Leads

Our SEO services in Sunshine Coast generates more qualified leads than any other marketing campaign. Our SEO efforts entice highly relevant audience to visit your site. An optimised site provides a better opportunity to convert the visitors to customers.  
Build Trust

Build Trust

The search ranking has a direct influence on the prospective audience traffic and conversion rate. We make sure that your site gets ample positive reviews that lend credibility. So, when your website gets on the first page or top of search results visitors trust it.
No Advertisement Cost 2

No Advertisement Cost

Our SEO efforts grows traffic to your website organically, which means you don’t need to pay to rank. Our experts at Online Presence follow best practices to rank your website because organic rankings are solely decided by the search engine’s algorithm.



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It’s the first step in our SEO strategy. We carry out an SEO audit to identify the potential issues within the website. We assess a website’s overall competitiveness against others within the niche and analyse the potential issues and gaps that exist. These could relate to html tags, image size, page content, targeted keywords.


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It refers to optimising individual web pages to make them perform better on search results. We know how to implement the right on-page strategy, that helps boosts page speed, reduces site errors, and creates quality content. Our on-page strategy touches the technical aspects of the site and ranks it to the top in the SERP.   


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The key to every successful SEO strategy is – keyword research. Our skilled team identifies what your audience might be searching for their search engine queries. We use industry-standard tools to select the most relevant long-tail keywords and include them in the web content, ultimately improving content searchability.  


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Quality link building is one of the fundamental stages for a successful SEO strategy. It differentiates between a page that ranks high and an unsuccessful web page. Our link building strategy develops valuable connections through backlinks with a high DA website to grow the ranking of your website.   


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To rank your website above the rest, we conduct a thorough assessment of what your competitor’s SEO strategy is. O3 Digital help find gaps between competitor efforts and present SEO efforts. Our SEO team creates a strategy that enhances your website above the competition on the SERP.


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SEO algorithm changes very often. Our team researches and creates unique content for your website to attract and capture valuable search traffic. We focus on creating varied content types and publish compelling and unique content on popular digital channels that translates into tangible results.  


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Once the targeted keywords are identified, we begin with content development – blogs, newsletters, social media posts, videos, and more. It helps to strengthen the backlink profile which boosts the ranking. Moreover, it also helps to gain the attention of the audience from other digital channels.   


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It is a crucial part of the search engine optimisation process – it determines what is working and what is not and helps to improve strategy. Our team uses Google Search Console and Analytics to get insights into key metrics. Our comprehensive tracking and reporting help to monitor results and improve them.  


We are a top-rated digital marketing and SEO services agency in Sunshine Coast, Australia. At Online Presence, our balanced and skilled team utilises performance data, current marketing trends, web analytics, and expertise to create result-oriented strategy to flourish your business.

Our SEO Sunshine Coast services are customised to meet the needs of small to big enterprises. Many Australian companies related to the health sector, e-commerce, and retail stores have seen exponential growth in recent years by partnering with us.

We don’t hurt the trust of our clients by making promises that can’t be fulfilled. Our segmented approach to SEO begins with a comprehensive SEO audit to identify issues with website performance. We carefully analyse the possible causes – large image size, poor web structure or others. We make the required changes and develop solutions to boost your search engine visibility.

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The SEO experts at Online Presence understand the importance of a high-ranking website for your business. We put effort to improve ranking for those terms that your target audience searches for. Our keyword research strategy goes beyond competitor analysis. We focus on finding relevant keywords based on current trends and pick low competition – long tail keywords to reach your target audience.   
We are a result-focused SEO agency in Sunshine Coast. Our on-page and technical SEO practices improve the site performance which eventually helps to rank higher in the search results. Our team focuses on solutions that work best to attain your business objectives. It ensures that you’ll get only positive results.   
Our professionals understand your target audience and develop content based on their interest. Our local SEO sunshine coast services take your brand in front of more focused audiences looking for nearby services. Furthermore, our regular monitoring and tracking of SEO KPIs ensures sustainable results.  


What is SEO?
Search engine optimization can be defined as boosting the quantity and quality of website traffic by improving a webpage and website’s visibility on search engines, including Google. An effective SEO strategy helps in growing organic traffic of a website.
How does SEO improve my business?
SEO is crucial for your business.

There are several benefits of local SEO that will level up your business. Consider the followings stats: By the end of year 2020, over 211 million people will use their smart phones for searching a product or a service.

Therefore it is essential for your business to use the right local keywords with your geographic information to ensure that people find your business when they are searching for a product in their local area.

Internet users are likely to click on the results on the first Google page. The first five results on the Google SERP receive most of the clicks. When users find your website in the top position, they will perceive your brand as credible and trusted.

Online Presence is a leading full-service SEO agency in Australia; we offer comprehensive SEO services that help small and large businesses improve their website traffic, leads, and conversions.

What other services you offer?
Online Presence is a full-service digital marketing agency in Australia specializing in delivering the SEO services, social media marketing services, website development services, and paid advertisement services (PPC).

We offer our SEO services at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Our SEO experts utilize their industry experience, knowledge along with a wide range of tools to analyze your current SEO performance and tailor a strategy that brings more traffic and leads.

How much SEO company charges?
The cost of SEO services vary from company to company and also on the services that are included in the services. The monthly cost of SEO services ranges between $750-$2,000/month depending on the project scope. Online Presence offers affordable SEO services in Melbourne, speak to our experts to know about our SEO pricing.
Is SEO better than Google Adwords?
Both SEO and Google Ad Words are the useful tools of marketing that have complementary roles. SEO is about optimizing your webpage or website to appear on the first Google search engine page. Google Ads, on the other hand, is an advertising platform that is used by marketers to reach their potential clients.

SEO is, however, better than the Google Adwords as SEO is a long term investment that offers better ROI at fewer costs. SEO also helps build credibility and trust among the customers as they will find your website on the first Google page.

Do you work with all industries & niches?
Yes, Online Presence works with small to large companies across the industries, including FMCG, healthcare, education, telecommunication, IT and software, and many others.
Is SEO right for your business
SEO is important for your business; it offers your business number of benefits:
  • An effective SEO strategy will help you improve your brand’s online visibility and organic quality traffic.
  • You do not have to pay for the SEO ads.
  • SEO will improve the credibility of your brand
  • SEO will help you in being ahead in the market competition.
  • SEO offers long-lasting valuable results
How long does it take to reach the First Page?
Generally, the average time taken to rank websites or webpage on the Google search engine using SEO optimization is three-six months. The SEO results are not instant; it takes time to get a better rank on search engines. Once your business gets a prominent position on the search engine, you can reap its long term benefits.


Smb Seo


Improve your local online visibility and outrank your local competitors and earn more leads.

Enterprise Seo

Enterprise SEO

Secure high rank for enterprise-wide products and services and get more conversions.

Global Seo

Global SEO

Take your business across the globe and target international audience online easily.


E-commerce SEO

Make your e –store more visible on search engines and improve your sales like never before!

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