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We are SEO specialist in Canberra known to deliver business growth. Since inception, we have served many Australian businesses with results exceeding expectation. You will see significant improvement in the number and the quality of leads and conversions generated from the website.

At Online Presence, our SEO experts don’t work with a mindset of getting quick results. Instead, the focus is on identifying the issues and gaps that affect the website performance. Once we optimise your website, its performance improves significantly. The results are there for longer as the fundamentals are intact.

Google search algorithm has changed, and the focus is increasing on significantly improving the search experience and accuracy of the results. Our SEO efforts are more focussed on the audience, their needs and most importantly their intent of search. Google wants to improve customer experience and so do we!

Our keyword research identifies the long-tail keywords that contain more insights into the intent of the audience. These keywords are often used by the personas to seek precise information about the product or to make a purchase. The optimisation of webpages focuses more on authority and quality backlinks from authoritative websites.


Quality Organic Traffic

Quality Organic Traffic

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. Online Presence makes it work for you. We make your brand presence felt in Google 1st page just when the audience is searching for products or information related to them on Google.
Long Term Growth

Long-Term Growth

Search engine users are only growing by the day. We optimise your website for business related keywords that results in long-term growth as compared to paid advertisements which push the performance up during the campaign only.
Builds Relation And Reputation

Builds Relation and Reputation

We build external links with websites of high reputation. It builds relation with several authoritative websites and in the process makes your website reputable too. Consequently, your reputation grows.
No Campaign Cost

No Campaign Cost

SEO is an organic strategy. It’s an ongoing activity necessary for business growth. There is no campaign cost like paid advertisements. At Online Presence, we ensure that our SEO efforts result in ROI.
More Conversions

More Conversions

Our team work on various aspects of your website that leads to more leads and conversions. The difference lies in the keyword research that focuses on long-tail keywords that contain more information about the user intent.
Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Google My Business offers a wonderful way to create a presence that boosts interaction with local audience. At Online Presence, we create a GMB listing and on other sites to get more interests from local audience.



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It’s the process of analysing your website against the best practices to find issues and gaps that hinder performance. It identifies the issues with use of HTML tags, website structure, content gaps, backlinks, images, etc. Moreover, it also reveals the areas that need immediate intervention.


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It refers to the practice of optimising the webpage for the search engines. Several activities are performed to enhance the ranking of your website. These include use of heading tags, increasing the frequency of the keywords, use of outbound links, URL optimisation, optimising title and meta tags etc.



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It’s the process of identifying the search queries that the target audience uses to find product, services and information. At O3 Digital we analyse the keywords, consider the search intent, and prioritise to decide on the most productive ones for optimisation.


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It’s the process of getting backlinks from other websites. These are important as the search engine bots use them to crawl to the linked pages and get more information about the web page. Backlinks from high quality page lend credibility to your website. Our team ensures that it has enough links.


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It’s conducted to shortlist the keywords that the competitor’s website is ranking for. Our team closely looks at the pages being ranked to include all the elements – content, backlinks, and the rank. The observations reduce the excessive work, and brings more accuracy of results.



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Which content types should be created, and which channel it should be published regularly? Content strategy finds answer to this question. SEO specialist in Canberra we go beyond creating content strategy, our team also promotes the content at various places on the internet.



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It’s at the very foundation of all the digital marketing efforts. Our team creates content as per the guidelines of Google. Every content that we create is well-organised, and written with your audience in mind. Engaging web pages, blogs, and other form of content go a long way in getting desired actions.



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What is the website performance? How are the indicators moving? Our SEO experts track the performance regularly through Google Analytics. Moreover, our team makes changes to the website and ensures that performance on all relevant indicators moves up.


Online Presence has served several businesses of varying scale and delivered results that meet expectations. Behind these results lies our expertise and deep knowledge of Google algorithm.

We begin our work with a comprehensive SEO Audit. It is done to identify whether search engines are able to crawl, index and rank your website. There are many factors pointing to different areas of the website which affect the performance. Our team identifies all these areas and creates an SEO plan to remove any issue that could impact the performance.

Your website often faces competition from others for its place in search engine result page. Staying above other requires more efforts. Our team performs research and finds out why a competing site stay above. The observations later on work as an input for your SEO strategy.

Australian businesses rely on us because we focus fully understand their growth expectations and create SEO goals to meet them. Our team begins with keyword research that your audience uses to search for products, services or content. Moreover, we consider the intent and identify long-tail keywords that give more information about the intent.

Seo Canberra

These are the target business relevant keywords that form the basis of optimisation. Our optimisation efforts focus on all the page elements – title, description, images, content etc. to ensure that entire page is optimised and Google search friendly.

External linking is an aspect that affects the reputation and the authority of the website significantly. Our SEO specialists at Canberra identify authoritative websites that could be linked and will make the website search engine friendly. Google algorithm ranks a website higher that link to other authoritative sites.

Our team regularly tracks the website performance for various key indicators. We make the changes to the website where necessary and ensure that the performance of the website keeps on improving.


How long it would take to get the rankings?
SEO will not produce immediate results. Once we make the updates to the website and publish new pages, it would require sometime during which the bots will crawl the pages, index and rank it. Every website is unique in structure and pages, so the time taken to get results varies. However, it may well take 3 to 9 months to get the updated rankings.
When the website traffic starts to see a rise?
As soon as the website begins to rank high, the traffic on the website also sees a gradual and steady rise in the traffic. However, it is worth noting that rankings and traffic don’t rise instantly. It would take a few months before the updates start showing effect after search engine crawls and indexes the pages.
Do I still need to spend on paid advertisements?
SEO is an ongoing digital marketing effort that focuses on organic growth from audience. Paid ads are a short-term way to reach the audience, as the ads are live only during the campaign duration. They are best to get more conversions around specific days, or you can also choose a specific objective.
Which search engines are most popular in Australia?
Google is by far the most popular search engine in the country. Bing is sparingly is also used but without any significant presence.
How often search algorithm is updated?
Google search algorithm is updated 500 to 600 times in a year – but these changes are minor and don’t affect SEO much. However, certain updates are significant, and they also change the SEO strategy.
Can we buy external links?
Backlinks are certainly a SEO factor, but purchasing links doesn’t work. Bad external links from irrelevant websites have the exactly opposite effect. So, buying links can hamper the rankings. Our SEO specialist in Canberra work on getting links only from relevant sites that only improves the ranking.
Why should I continue to spend on SEO even after getting ranks?

SEO is your organic marketing strategy for Google. It helps you to build brand, move up the ranks, get more traffic and conversions. Moreover, it’s an inbound strategy that ensures visitors with some intent come to the site, get engaged and take desired actions. While getting ranks is helpful, staying there is also important! That’s why SEO is indispensable. Have more questions? Contact now.


Smb Seo


Improve your local online visibility and outrank your local competitors and earn more leads.

Enterprise Seo

Enterprise SEO

Secure high rank for enterprise-wide products and services and get more conversions.

Global Seo

Global SEO

Take your business across the globe and target international audience online easily.


E-commerce SEO

Make your e –store more visible on search engines and improve your sales like never before!

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