Social media has a significant reach in the Australia, with almost 80% of the population active in one or the other platform. However, several small businesses find it difficult to tap these active users as a market for their products or services. Many of them don’t know how to manage their social media presence professionally.

Online Presence is a premium digital marketing agency that offers unparalleled internet marketing services in Australia to grow your business online. We establish your brand on leading social media platforms to ensure that it reaches a wider audience who spend time engaging with it. Several businesses in Sydney trust us and if you are considering to hire a social media marketing agency, here is how you should go about it.

1# Consider the expertise

With so many agencies out there, why would choose one over the rest – the answer is expertise in delivering results. An expert agency doesn’t take chances. It relies on research to create your social media calendar.

At Online Presence, our team begins with research in your products and services and their consumers. We create buyers’ groups and research on their taste and preferences, their preferred social media channels even before ideation of the posts. We research through the posts of competitors before creating your post calendar. Our experienced graphics team creates meaningful visuals that gain the attention of your audience.

2# Look at the client portfolio

An agency that has been in existence for the past several years now has a well – developed portfolio of client. Most agencies readily share it with anyone who is looking for similar service

It helps you figure out how your account will be managed.

At Online Presence, we have a social media portfolio of several brands that we manage. When you look at them, you will realise the excellent quality of posts that we create. Our team performs research and it shows in the creatives as well as the topics covered in the posts.

3# Delivers performance that matters

How will you measure the success of your social media marketing? That’s a common question and answer lies in the analytics. When we publish a post, we also promote it for better performance. Every social media platform collects the data that offers valuable insights.

At Online Presence, we collect the data and generate insights about what the audience is looking for. Our team make continuous efforts to improve the performance, however, we also ensure that we are not looked upon as a spam. That’s why we are one the most reliable social media marketing agency Sydney.

4# Easy to communicate

Creating a social media calendar requires a lot of discussion during the ideation. Any social media agency that you are going to consider next must be willing to meet, discuss, and make changes as and when needed. It also means that there shouldn’t be any communication issues.

When we work with you, we don’t consider ourselves as an outsider. You can rely on us as your strategic digital partner that’s ready to help you meet your business goals digitally. Our team regularly communicates with you and ensures that all the changes are done as per your need. We have our office in Sydney itself that also makes it easy to communicate with you.

5# Budget and cost

It is crucial to discuss the budget well in advance. Most agencies will charge on a monthly basis. However, it also depends on the social media calendar as well. Also, it is better to find about any hidden, once-off charges as well.

At Online Presence, we will discuss the charges with full – transparency. There are no hidden charges and any once-off charges are discussed beforehand.

Online Presence – Premium Internet Marketing Services in Australia

We have been serving Australia’s businesses since inception. Our customers come from different industry verticals, and they rely on us to grow their business on social media.

Our team understands social media better than anyone else, and with our comprehensive research and social media audits, we identify the areas to improve and results to expect.

However, social media doesn’t work in isolation. Hence, we offer search engine optimisation, and also paid advertisement to deliver the results that you are looking at.

Trust only the best social media marketing agency in Sydney to grow your brand.